This quick and slightly uneasy entry is brought to you by visiting my pal and borrowing an extra console while he finishes up some other work…

A quick thanks to anyone that still pops in occasionally to look for these little surprises.

I’m not sure what I have to report on right now…

My Handspring Visor doesn’t work anymore so I took up the project of writing a checkbook program for my PC at home, since that’s the only function I really used in that thing that I can’t replace with my cell phone. Since I thought I had the hang of the Object Oriented programming model, I decided to write this program in the very object oriented scripting language of Ruby, and I mostly have the hang of it. All the little calculations that checkbooks ought to be able to do can be done by my work in progress, I just need to write a user interface.

That’s the part that’s turning a bit difficult (I’ve never really had to write point-and-click interfaces, my era is 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” / 20 GOTO 10) but… I’ll get the hang of that soon, too. It’ll probably all work sometime next week.

Still gotta get in touch with certain members of my family and doublecheck things with that friend I was talking about…


During that last little visit, someone I hadn’t talked to in a long time found me in the instant messenger, and, he’s the sort that I only have the strange fortune of finding and talking to him when some obnoxious change in my life is eminent.

“How come every time I talk to you, you’re putting your life on hold?”

I didn’t have a straight answer for him; as a matter of fact, I’m still thinking about that now.

Life is supposed to be some kind of journey, right? And that journey is more important than the actual point you seek to arrive at, whatever that may be? So, with that in mind, is a life ever really halted?

I mean, a whole list of things that can go wrong in a life, and though you may stop moving towards your goal for a while, your life continues, and you have to behave accordingly.

It’s funny, a bit too much of my time in college was devoted to dealing with the opposite issue- life continues even after you succeed, so what do you do next? that I didn’t consider that life continues despite catastrophic failure as long as that failure doesn’t result in your death. If you’re into reincarnation, your next life still carries the burden of the past failure, so you ought to be prepared to continue your life, dealing with these sorts of possibilities…

I think the conclusion I’m trying to reach is that my life hasn’t stopped for anyone, least of all myself, and there’s really no way I can hope to do any such thing.

What he percieved was more a side effect of the frustration that I can rarely simply do something that I want to do or just achieve something or have something I want, there always has to be a step-by-step slow approach to what I’m doing that only occasionally meets its intended end.

Isn’t that how it is for everybody?

The only exceptions I can think of are rich folk that get sick of their new ‘toys’ shortly after they buy them. That’s not achievement.

Best wishes to all.

See you next time.


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