Hi from my pal’s place again…

Thank you all for the comments.

I understand what everybody had to say, and appreciate it…  It’s
not always easy to decide where you want to go and what you want to do,
and I suppose there’s a lot of folks that never really do this, or
perhaps, simply don’t aspire to very much.

As of this writing I’m still working on the graphic interface to my
checkbook and I’ve written a GUI frontend to FCE Ultra (a NES emulator)
and I’m working on universalizing it so it works with just about any
simple emulator program that needs a joystick driver running in
tandem.  I’ll give a longer explanation when I’m ready to go
public with it.

In fact, I’m considering starting a seperate blog just for the sharing of and commentary about computer code.

All that’s for the future though.


Today’s excitement in the workplace began with a 7ish year-old boy
playing with a hula hoop we sell that’s filled with some water as a
counterweight.  I’ve never seen the hoop snap before while it’s
being used, and well, it shot water everywhere, and soaked a passer-by
in the corridor.

The man that was walking by stopped and was livid, thinking the boy
water-bombed him or otherwise did this on purpose.  I was lucky he
noticed it was an accident very quickly, appearing right away to
apologize and offer him a paper towel.  I then bent down to wipe
the floor.

We get those hoops every year, and I’ve never seen anything like that
before…  I guess it goes to show you never really can see all
the possibilities…

See you next time.

P.S.- What’s with the ‘Currently:’ field?  Half the reason I
signed up for Xanga was to avoid that sort of thing…  oh
well.  Let’s hear it for popular demand.  Best wishes.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Always glad to get an update from you even when I don’t understand the computer stuff you’re writing about. It was in reading some of that kind of thing in your blog that allowed me to see a new side to my inner workings. I know this doesn’t make sense, but just take it that I enjoy your updates and appreciate what you have to say. Infinite Blessings


  2. Man, that computer coding jazz goes straight over my head – I well and trully failed a qbasic class I did at school: 10 if you’ve no idea GOTO 2020 You’re an idiot GOTO 10I’ve been using ‘snes’ the super nes emulator and it’s been so much fun, I even got a gamepad! how nerdy. But I love playing all those old games and I think it’s reall cool that you’re doing that – the old games have real class, and playablitly and don’t rely on flashy graphics like the new games –


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