Just a quick one before I go to work…


I should be moved and back to the internet by October 1, depending on how some job offers turn out.


Why am I getting job offers now that I’m fixing to move, and why are they all far from here?


It looks like places like the general Detroit area or the very generic sounding Normal, IL might end up in my future.  We’ll see.


Otherwise, things are pretty good.


See you next time.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Tell me you are not moving to Normal, IL! Oh goodness, please tell me you won’t go there! Of all the places in the US, I dislike that one most. It is the only place I’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket and I got it for going FOUR miles over the speed limit in the middle of night while looking for a hotel so that I could go and visit some children in a children’s home. The year before I got my speeding ticket, they were reported to have given out 40,000 tickets in the city limits which boasted a population of 30,000 people! Okay, so if you do move there, drive SLOWLY! *G* Infinite Blessings


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