Let me start with a quick ‘thanks for the comments.’

Thank you for your comments.

It’s funny, I don’t have any particular reason to hate either Normal or Detroit, but in my mind the whole time while responding to the offers my thought was ‘at least these jobs are temporary’…

I know it sounds odd, but I’d rather have gone to Detroit just because Detroit is where (captal ‘T’) Techno came from; I’ve got a lot of respect for Juan Atkins and company, though I don’t think I’d actually have the time to do anything to that effect while I was there.

I’m in neither place right now.  The sort-of unfortunate thing about all this is that I’m not really back yet, but I should be in the next week or so.

I’m typing this from my dad’s PC.  They’ve gone on vacation and I’m minding the cats for them.  When they get back I’m supposed to get a job down here so I can stay with my brother; when that happens I’ll rebuild my computer network at his house and then I’ll be back.

When I’m through writing this, I’m going to investigate the only three ads from around here that don’t sound like work-at-home pyramid scams and see what I can do.

Although there have been a few pleasant surprises, most of my first week down in Georgia has been a reminder of why I hated it here the other time I was staying with my brother, some eight years ago.  For example, being accustomed to urban traffic patterns, my first thought when turning onto a road more than four lanes wide is to beware of speeding traffic and turn quickly onto the road for fear of being clipped on the way around.  No such animal here, traffic always feels so slow…  I can do without the two-or-less signal strength bars on my cell phone (the number has changed! email if you need it) and well…  Add to it that my folks down here still don’t understand me when I tell them what I’m trying to do with the rest of my life, and it all feels frustrating very quickly.

Why move down here knowing I like it here so much?  Well…

I answered those ads from a couple weeks ago, but couldn’t accept either job, because I don’t have a way to get to either place; that is, I don’t own a car.  I’m here to correct that problem.

I’m very lucky that my brother sticks up for me like this.  While I stay with him, he doesn’t charge me any rent.  While I have few expenses, I can save all the money I make, almost regardless of how I make that money.  And…  he’s buying himself a car and giving me his old one.  I know from personal experience that taking a hand-me-down car from a relative is usually a mistake; I made that mistake the last time I was living down here, but this time around I actually (*gasp*) know something about cars!…  And aside from that, I know how my brother drives and where his car has been.

This makes the most important goal of my time here to make sure my brother’s car is functioning properly enough to get me to where I’m going next, and if I can’t do that, it becomes coming up with enough money to buy a replacement for it myself.  Luckily, the powertrain and suspension are in wonderful shape, but I still have my work cut out for me: I need to replace a cracked windscreen and the body’s finish and paint are sundamaged.  Photos might be available soon, apologies if this turns into a car page for a little while.

The secondary goal is to make sure I keep up with my computer stuff, which means building my network as soon as I can.  I picked up some stuff on Java and Java Servlets because I’m sick of passing up ads from people that want Java-literate coders.

Neither will happen until I have a job; my brother won’t give me his car until I can pay insurance, which means staying at my dad’s to borrow his car, and not being at my brother’s to rebuild my network.

It should all work out in good time, one way or another, though.

Hope everyone’s doing well.

Hope the folks in Florida are safe; we barely got wind and rain up here.

See you next time.


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  1. Glad to see you’re keeping busy. I hope you find a good job in a place you can enjoy, if only until something better comes along


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