I’m as back as I’m gonna be, now, though things are always changing…  So here’s a normal entry, for once…


Hate to bring up politics right away, but…  I didn’t, because
the election coverage means that they’re everywhere, unavoidable and

For the first time since the last US presidential election, both major
candidates sound like terrible choices…  As I once broke down, a
long time ago, I don’t really ride down a particular party or ticket,
and I don’t believe most people do, or should, either, so here’s some
issues I can easily break down from my own somewhat selfish point of

– Neither candidate has any plans to calm the fighting in the Middle East.

– Neither wants to push alternative energies or otherwise lessen our culture’s dependence on petroleum.

– Nobody’s talking about the future of intellectual property, or the effect the internet has had on intellectual property.

The last on the list, honestly, will not cause people to live or die,
but decisions made regarding intellectual property have a direct effect
on me (since it effects the field in which I intend to earn my
living).  I don’t expect this sort of news to make front pages,
but it will effect things you do all the time.

If you want my vote, say something about limiting copyrights and
banishing software patents, and do it fast, because I have to vote
absentee this year.  I’m probably going to mail it on Wednesday.


For all they are talking about terrorism, I’m very sick of hearing this notion that terrorism can be fought and stopped.

I don’t mean to side with the bad guys or promote the sensless
destruction and death of millions, mind you, but eventually you have to
reach a point where you notice that there will always be people that
don’t like you and sometimes those people are going to hate to a point
where they don’t mind dying if they can take some people down with them.

I’m not against the idea of breaking up large organizations that do
nothing but teach people to commit senseless acts of violence, and I
hope that’s all that’s in this country’s future, but it’s unfortunately
all contained in this capsule that looks much the same as the one that
contained the Trail of Tears, the Manifest Destiny, the ‘White Man’s

We never hear from the other side of conflicts like this.  We
never learn the real reason why islamic folks learn to hate the West,
or take any advice from them, regarding how we might reasonably solve
differences, it always has to be a Patriot missile or a one-way truck

We didn’t hear from the Cherokee that walked to Oklahoma either,
because nobody listened.  Have any precautions been taken to
ensure this mistake isn’t repeated?

My final gripe is that politicians always seem to count on voters having short memories.

Thanks for continuing to check up on me while everything around me
changes…  I’ve got a few more things to fill into my workspace
here, and my new job is probably going to start in two weeks to a month
(as soon as they can train me.)

Hope everybody’s doing okay.

See you next time.


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  1. I’m glad to see that someone else as interested in intellectual property as me. I’m sure you’ve seen, or are aware of Creative Commons (http://www.creativecommons.org/) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/). If not, I hope you’ll visit those sites, and see some of the exciting stuff that is going on.I think the problem with the candidates and IP is that %99 of the voting population thinks it’s a non-issue. I don’t think most of them are aware that even the technology is in danger (http://savethe.org/), not to mention our freedom of expression.Our best bet is grassroots. We have to take it to the congress and the courts. I don’t thin the executive branch is going to give it much attention given the state of foreign affairs, domestic security, and the economy. I agree with you, that it is of incredibly significant value, but just, at this time.. it’ something we have to try to take care of ourselves.As for your other two reasons…Calming the middle east. I think that both major candidates have given it some lip service. I’m under the opinion that we should end the war post-haste in Iraq, but we do need to finish it… just *quickly* and *efficiently* and we need to put our concentration back on Alqeda and other terrorist organizations. As for Jerusalem and Palestine… we need to get carter back in office… oh.. we need to do that for the petrol problem, too.Again.. our best bet is Grassroots efforts when it comes to energy. Personally, I thin the tall skinny guy who says “idear” is the most likely of the two to actually listen to what the citizenry is saying after he gets in office. I also think that since he knows how the Senate works, he could actually get some quality bills through.That’s just my opinion, of course. But I think maybe rather than *not* voting because you haven’t heard what you want, you may ask your self, “which one is most likely to listen to grassroots groups I agree with, and which is most likely to pander to corporations and big oil?”One of the two is going to win. You might just be the person to tip the scale to go in a direction that you may not be 100% behind, but that you at least see as the right direction.


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