There was word about some kind of vulnerability in Xanga that apparently made its way into my page.  It’s all solved now, but… it leaves me wondering what you have to gain by sneaking a line of Javascript into someone’s blog, as well as how it was done in the first place.

(My initial guess relates to my site counter.  Not too much point in it, the problem’s solved.)


Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox as well as their fans.  I know from my short time living in Boston how long they’ve been waiting, not only for a team to make it to their current level of play, but also, for a team that fun to watch.  Frankly, I don’t even like baseball as much as most other sports on account of its pacing, but I can easily say they’ve put up some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen, despite the long game times.  I’m looking forward to eight in a row.

It’s amazing how much of our time seems to be wasted, waiting for something good that we know is virtually guaranteed to happen.  I’ve still got two more weeks until my regular job starts.  It’s been more than a month since my last day of work, and I can’t wait for another one simply because I’m starting to dread the habits I’m developing, the way I’m living right now.

It’s nothing against my family, who are feeding me and keeping me well all this time.  My money ran out some time ago, but I’ll be okay.  They’ve even been putting gas in the car to make sure I can get around.  If the boredom isn’t enough, my dad and his wife have been trying to get me entertaining myself doing the things I absolutely don’t like about being here.

I appreciate that they’re trying to help out and all, but it’ll drive everyone crazy if they’re going to try to turn me into something I’m not.  Fortunately, the worst of that is almost through.

What’s the right thing to do with all that time spent in an airport when your flight is delayed?  How many books and magazines and newspapers can you buy and read before you run out of pocket money or it just plain feels counter- (or anti-) productive?

I’ve been working on my computers when I can, driving over to my brother’s place (where they are) from my dad’s (where I’ve been) to crunch on them in the afternoon while my dad’s at work.  That’s where the car page comes from.

I’m sick of living in two houses at once, though.  I can’t wait for my job to start.

If life is supposed to be a journey, why is so much time spent waiting for the trip to begin?

Thanks for the comment.  I know I haven’t been a very good blog reader lately.  For all the time I have, there’s only so much I get to my computers, so I end up spending much of it catching up with email, chatting with friends, and getting and keeping the server working.  I hope to fall into a better routine after work begins, but can’t make any promises yet.

Here’s hoping everyone’s okay.

See you next time.


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  1. ORANGE!  Nice ta hear you’re doing okay and whatnot.  On account of the Boston Red Sox winning, I pulled an act of stupidity going into work the next day.  Gary was inflating the victory like none other and saying how amazing it was and all, and I walked in with NY embroidered on my hat just for kicks.  Unfortunately I guess it was the Mets logo, and had no effect but total humiliation unto me… but then again, I don’t get humiliated… I go shopping.  ORANGE!


  2. I don’t know if it’s still doing this, but for a while the two Xanga pages I ever read at all would crash Firefox if I went to them through a bookmark. If I went to the site and browsed to them somehow, everything was fine. Which is only an issue at home, since I use Lynx at work.Which leads to the tangent that the site that used to house some of the documentation for Lynx is now a porn site. If you don’t have the docs installed locally, clicking on help gets you HOT TEEN SLUTS. This was months ago, so maybe they’ve changed the doc link by now.I usually just think when I’m waiting. Being lost in thought is under-rated.


  3. Xanga posted a notice that they had a virus problem. Everyone had it apparently. So no worries, it wasn’t you alone. And it was from within Xanga. I hope your job starts soon. It is very difficult trying to start your life and then having to put up with other’s conditions all at the same time. Just grin and bear it. But don’t be afraid to put your boundaries in place when people push. That’s allowed. Don’t believe anyone who tells you any different.


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