I just realised how nasty a ‘last post’ I left on here for more than a month, sorry about that, folks…

My site counter reports that I get roughly four visits a week now, so I’d like to thank you for stopping by, whoever you are…

I’d tell the story of why I’ve been absent but the best I can do for
now is tell its moral:  Never work two holiday-centered jobs at
the same time during the holidays.  I’m averaging 60 to 80 hours
per week.

Luckily, it’s allowing me to catch up with my financial responsibilities, so things should be alright soon.

vertigo_josh:  My car is my brother’s old 1989 Honda Accord
LX.  I have a website with pictures, but it’s down until I have
enough time to actually maintain it.  I’ll end up having to do the
update about the work I had done on it as well…

An old Accord will not be winning any drag races or relieving the local
drug dealers of their money, but it’s a low-sitting, boxy car in a
design that isn’t really used anywhere anymore (pop-up headlights,
anyone?) and because of its design it’s absolutely fun to drive around
even if it’s seriously underpowered.  (Factory rating- 98hp)

My ‘project’ with the car, first and foremost, is to make sure it’s
going to be able to live long enough for me to be able to afford
another car (so far so good in that department) so its first shop visit
with me was to the Honda dealership to make sure all of its seals are
good.  It got all its belts changed and it has a new valve cover
gasket.  In the near future, it’s getting all its vaccuum hoses
checked and might be getting its carboratuer cleaned out.

I’d also like to make it ‘functionally beautiful’ however, a good
specimen of its age.  I’m trying to save up to have it repainted
eventually, since its old grey paint is dull from sitting in the sun
until the finish wore off.  I’m also considering stiffer
suspension (since its springs need to be replaced anyway) and possibly
wider wheels for better tires to make it more responsive.

Now, I have heard of folks swapping nicer, recent generation motors
into the older Hondas (www.3geez.com for examples of folks doing so to
my era’s car) and it’s something I give mild thought to, but there’s
nothing wrong with the motor I have now, aside that it won’t be winning
any races.  That is, if it doesn’t have any cracks or breaches,
and although the speedometer reads to 130 mpg, I’m never actually going
to go that fast (on purpose), why fix something that isn’t broken?

The rest of what I want to do is fix or replace certain pieces of the
plastic work that have become ugly with age, which with the best of
luck means a lot of visits to junkyards.  Oh, and the foam in the
seats turned nasty in the sunlight too…

Now, if I had a _second_ car….

Hope everything’s going well with everyone, I expect to remain way too
busy to post throughout the holiday season, so I wish everyone the best.

I’ll likely be back in January, if nothing goes wrong.

See you next time.


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  1. Sweet… as far as paneling goes, body kits are available for most Hondas… even the older ones.  If you’re going to pimp the engine at any cost… I’d go Vtech hybrid hands down.  Not too expensive… (well… actually they are… haha).  I love Hondas… just never owned one.  Have a good holliday and we will be here waiting when you return!


  2. Without a doubt- the drag about swapping in a ‘b’ series Vtech motor is that I worry it’d cost as much as saving for a civic that comes with one in the first place.I’ve discovered certain Prelude body parts like hoods, fog lights, and ground effects will fit my car…I’d like to learn more about getting the existing plastic work (bumpers) to reattatch to the unibody metal better, since I’m already starting to notice a bit of a detatchment that’s going to become a sag. Ground effects would replace the bumpers outright, but I also worry about the consequences of making the car look a little too pretty (as in expensive and worth stealing…)Always fun to contemplate, though…Thanks for sticking around


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