Hi there…  Merry/Happy Christmas to folks that believe in it and Happy Holidays to the folks that don’t.

Thanks for the comments.

vertigo_josh:  I answered most of your comments as my own comment…  paraphrased it’s-

I’d do the motor and a bunch of other things in my car if I didn’t have to drive it to work or pass emissions…

Now when I get _another_ car…

posicat: For the benefit of other folks, because I don’t remember if I wrote about it here…

When I got my cell phone, I searched for writings and articles about it
and found tons of positive reviews which almost had me convinced it was
the phone for me…  But I didn’t see a single negative review, so
I decided to find some by searching for ‘nokia 3595 sucks’.  I
found a couple negative points about its screen and button pad, and
they were things I could live with, so I got the phone.


Another operator at work walked up to a lead (kindof a supervisor-lite)
and explained that his holding caller was fussing about 1-800-GO-FEDEX,
to the effects of “I have to go through all this automated
buttonpushing crap to track my order!  What number do I call to
get a person?”  The lead responded, “Tell her to call
1-800-463-3339.”  The caller accepted his reply, thanked him, and
disconnected.  The operator burst into laughter.


If there were no mistakes made, I would not have a job right now.

That’s my reminder, every time I hear about a ruined Christmas or
another mistakenly packed box.  The stories are going to become
bigger soon, and I’m probably going to be condemned for ruining more
Christmasses than the ones I’ve saved by explaining overnight and 2-day
shipping to customers.

It’s very true, though- If I’m not fixing mistakes made by other
operators or mistakes made by the warehouse packers, I’m fixing
mistakes made by the customers themselves.

“This lamp shipped broken.”

“The professionally distressed leather jacket looks like someone ran over it with a truck.”

“There’s things missing from my order.”

“I clicked on submit twice, can you cancel one of my orders?”

My job is not hard physical work, but I feel tired at the end of a day anyhow, like the end of a final exam day.

I’m happy to have my new job, mind; I think as WalMart and friends
cause the only alternative shopping venues to be flea markets and
dollar stores, more specialty retail outfits will turn to the internet
and when they need to handle questions by telephone, or when they need
to handle a large volume of orders, they will turn to companies like
the one that I work for.


I’m thankful that the worst of the problems were with folks I don’t have to answer calls for.

The past two weeks for the folks that sell the cheesecakes and candies have been fielding nothing but-

“No, we’ve run out of that cheesecake too.”


“I’m sorry, ma’am, it’s all my fault.  I ate all twenty-nine hundred of those cheesecakes so that you can’t have any.”

And when I hear someone in a nearby cube ask a caller “What State do
you live in?” I want to answer “Somewhere between Chaos and Apathy”.

The best quote around work that I can think of, though, is still “My third break is when I go home.”

Hope everyone’s been doing alright.

Best wishes


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  1. I’ll have to use that “Somewhere between chaos and apathy” someday, it’s prefect.
    I’m sitting here at work, bored out of my skull, we’ve had like 10 calls all day, maybe not even that many.  3 of them I took, one a wrong number.
    Get anything good for christmas?


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