Hell officially froze over last week.  I was approved for a car loan.

I guess this is my big turning point- if I can keep up with the loan
I’ll be out of credit trouble soon, and I suppose if I lose the car
(god forbid) I’ll be stuck with the ‘bad credit curse’ forever… 
We’ll see…

More pictures of the car are at http://chunter.homeip.net/mycar

Thanks for the comments, sorry I’m not writing more often.  I’m
still figuring out how to balance all the work against my free time.

Londo:  If you want to hear phone stories, send me an email. 
(If I was dumb and left my email link turned off, let me know…) 
Many of the stories I can tell aren’t fit for the public record.

This includes the gentleman that was ordering himself a mini-skirt and wanted to know if it would cover his ‘package’.


As time passes, I understand more and more why my generation represents
the ending of the space age and the beginning of the information age,
as well as why it was named the information age in the first place.

It probably isn’t necessary for me to repeat, most of the world’s
knowledge has accumulated in such a way that almost anyone can
eventually learn anything without spending much money (if any money at
all) to learn it.

Despite that, people spend a lot of money to make sure they don’t have to learn to do (or otherwise, do) certain things.

A lot of this is understood.  When I drop my car off to get worked
on, it is because 1) I can’t squeeze the time in to do it when I’m home
from work and 2) while I’m fairly certain I can eventually learn to
reprogram or replace something like my car’s ECU, I haven’t the
physique to work on my car, and frankly, the gentleman in the
dealership will do a better job with less time and effort, though a lot
more money relatively.

In contrast, the only inhibition that keeps me from working on my computers is the time to do so.


This is also a slight repitition of a past entry- a friend whose name I
can’t recall explained everything that typically makes folks angry at
strangers, all the things we perceive as stupid mistakes on the road,
at the store, in the workplace…  are simply mistakes made as a
result of an individual’s fatigue.

If I haven’t gotten enough sleep all week for whatever reason, and I’m
just driving home from work, of course I’m likely to cut someone off in
traffic or otherwise make a mistake, because I’m tired.

In recent months, I’ve learned the value and meaning of Franklin’s
‘Early to bed and early to rise’ saying.  It isn’t necessarily
about being able to get up early as much as ensuring that you always
have the energy necessary to get through a day.

That implies eating right and on time for the things you do as well.

Combine these principles and you get…


I’m a hypocrite about this one right now, so I guess I’m writing this to say I’m trying to work on it.

If you don’t want people to make you habitually bitter, and if you
don’t want to have to trust your work to other people more often than
not, you have to budget your time properly.

I understand this to be a difficult task.  As I’m writing this,
I’m trying to wrap up quickly so I can do a favor for my family, fully
aware that I owe a friend a visit tonight, and also fully aware that I
haven’t gotten any work done on my side programming projects.  I’m
likely to lose another day off, so to speak…

So when I’ve got some pointers I’ll be certain to let you all know.

I hope everyone’s hanging in there and doing well.

See you next time.


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