Sorry I haven’t made a post here sooner.

The main inspiration for making a post after some four months of hiatus
is that I’ve received two blind ‘feedbacks’ this week that are
of…  questionable intent.  I will respond to them
anonymously to protect the (hopefully) innocent:

According to my posted birthday, if you do a little math, you’ll see
that I’m almost 30.  The messages, according to the pages of their
senders, came from someone who is almost 19, and someone who’s almost

If you’re just saying hi, and you actually want to read this stuff,
good for you; I’ve got absolutely no problem with that, but be careful
what sort of message you’re sending.

(There’s a blinking advert at the top of this typing page asking me
which Olsen Twin is hotter so that I can win a Sony PSP.  If I
wanted a Sony PSP, I could ride down to the store and buy one
today…  maybe somebody’s saying I’m getting too old for this

Anyway, the news story about the middle school girls in Oregon comes to
mind.  (Fast paraphrase:  A group of middle school girls as
young as 12 years old offered sex acts to grown men in exchange for meth.  How
adorable.  Maybe Springer needs to make a comeback?)

Despite not finding the time, energy, or inspiration to write here,
things are going pretty well.  I’m on my way to paying my dad back
for the rented station wagon that moved me here, and work-related
things are pretty stable.  I work about five and a half days a
week, the extra half usually coming from the toy store (I transferred
when I moved, and they usually offer me about a day a week.  Aside
from not being home or elsewhere to do things, it’s pretty much the
same as having the day off and being paid for it) so by the time that
seventh day rolls around, I usually just want to chill out, and
something that wants or needs doing is bound to come up and occupy most
of that day.

My car was recalled; its seat belt sensors replaced free-of-charge by
the dealer.  I just had to wait a week while the parts came down
from Ohio, and wouldn’t have cared enough to have it done if it didn’t
cause the airbags to shut off as a consequence.

I’m thinking of changing things up in the blog, because a huge reason
why I haven’t written in a long time is that I don’t want this to just
be about rumblings from work.  If I write too many things about my
conversations at work, certain privacy laws come into play and I could
get myself in some serious trouble.

Any ideas are welcome, otherwise I’ll probably use this space for project details soon.

Hope everyone’s okay, and thanks for checking up on me.  Mr. Sitemeter says somebody visits about three times a week…

Best wishes to everyone.

See you next time.


5 thoughts on “

  1. ORANGE!  Yeah, I can relate to not being inspired to write.  I personally started Xanga with the intent to never write anything from my life, but only on occassion when it would be amusing.  Now it seems I just write ditties, and quotes, and lyrics that move me from time to time.  But whatever floats yer boat I say.  I mean it is YOUR webpage after all.  If somebody don’t like it, oh well ya know?  Okalee dokalee then, take care.  Ø ORANGE! Ø


  2. I think I’m somewhat of a Xanga veteran… if that is even a real title…  I’ve had my share of times where a hiatus was best… haven’t had the best few years… but I’m optomistic.  I’m glad to have people like you who read regularly and comment; it helps.  I am glad to see you are still alive and kicking… glad that things are going ok for you.  It’s nice to be able to click back to three years ago and see how stupid you were… hehe… 
    Take it easy,


  3. The best-laid blogs of mice and men gang aft agly. I’d be interested in reading about projects, and would likely end up with questions sparked from it. I think what makes reading your entries interesting is that you don’t let them get un-interesting. Even if you do post work bitching or something, you branch off into bigger themes than just “People suck.” It’s a nice sense of awareness that either a lot of public journal keepers either just don’t have or don’t express very well.What I’m saying is I can’t really picture you just blathering about your day. There’s always that extra bit of what your day got you thinking about, which is what’s cool to read.


  4.   Hey, good to see you’re still around.  I’m currently mid-hiatus myself, sort of.  I’m moving to Washington pretty soon, but I’ve got spotty internet access at best so I can’t really read or update.  Hopefully next time I have a chance to get on you’ll have thought of a new direction to take your Xanga in.  Good luck.


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