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  1. Thanks for the comment and a reason to re-read the post you responded to. I was going to post something after that but forgot to do it (I started it at college but didn’t think about it when I got home).


  2. a reply to your comment: just FYI :)—i’ve already messed with bsd/linux on my router machine in my dorm…linux can mount bsd slices, but refuses to give me write access. I’m sure that could be fixed by recompiling the kernel with write access enabled, but… ugh. that would be a pain and a waste of time.i _think_ that bsd can mount ext partitions just fine, which is what I use on this lappy (after my reiserfs partitions exploded). In retrospect I’m glad I quit using reiserfs, even though it is noticeably faster. Hooray for interoperability =Dand yeah, you certainly _can_ resize ext partitions, FYI. Not while they’re mounted of course, but you use a lovely little utility called parted, in *nix.the easiest way to do it is boot from a rescue cd and resize / shuffle your data around like you need it, then fix your /etc/fstab and boot back up 🙂


  3. Nice Link! Over the last week or so I covered most of the basic stuff. After that I get totally lost, the whole thing just blows open and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I don’t think I have the patience to learn a language. It’s a shame I can’t just upload the knowledge into my brain.. I have a fast modem now 🙂


  4. one of my hobbies at the moment is video production. Do you know anything about this processing, or Max/MSP/Jitter or VVV jazz?Processing is code, and the other two are visual interfaced nodes – which I find much more intuitive to work with.


  5. “Did you use a relational database (SQL) or did you write your own? The trick to working with data like that is how you sort and structure it, the rest kinda happens by itself. Tell me more and maybe I can help you with it…”Well the project is done now (that was a couple years ago actually), I was just using that experience as an example. I created the database in Access and the code was all done in Visual Basic. I just didn’t have much of a grasp on how to interface with the database using VB code so I ended up doing what I knew how to do, create a butt-load of seperate files (one per student).


  6. “I like the green and red frame, and I like the background color, but I don’t like the blue background with the red and green boxes together.”I had the same feeling but couldn’t come up with a compromise. I want the colors to remain toned down and I want there to be more than two colors (simply because I think it looks better if each section has it’s own color). I thought maybe a tan color for the background with text alternating between a blue-ish color and a green-ish color each post, but tan just didn’t look right with the other colors. I’ll probably try my hand at another scheme change soon, I just need to figure out how to pull off the look I want.


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