Another quickie because I read something that’s got me hot…  I’ll be back to regular business soon.  (My cold’s almost gone.)

A Uniontown, OH high school threw a student in jail for inviting his friends to visit the school’s web page and press F5 to refresh repeatedly.  This, of course, makes the web server sluggish from repeated requests.  The high school contacted the authorities and charged the student with a felony.

Now, I’m not doubting the semi-malicious intent of the student, it’s the punishment that’s inappropriate, because on all accounts it shows very little understanding of the gravity of the infraction.

This is getting your classmates to throw spitballs at the teacher’s aide, not slashing the principles’ tires, but poetic justice is at its finest, the news item made sites like Slashdot and the resulting traffic to the high school’s website:
 have it down as I’m writing this.

The correct punishment for this infraction is a long talk leading to either a suspension or detention.  A -real- cybercrime is making a server send mail to itself until it runs out of space, or making a webserver request that causes a smashed stack, or, as one of the news articles mentioned, stealing a login so you can *gasp* change your grades.  (And even those actions are hopelessly adolescent and lame.)

I hope the people of Uniontown take appropriate action.

Thanks for the comments:

vertigo_josh:  You have a point there; I’ve seen and even occasionally owned many a messy ‘desktop’, and I’m notorious for an overstuffed ‘home’ directory.

Hope everybody’s doing well.

See you next time.


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  1. ORANGE!  Oh my gosh geez!  That’s like me gettin’ arrested trying to get that fifth visit to work at McDonald’s when the sign says 5 hamburger limit per visit, on their 25cent hamburger nights.  I mean, what the hell am I doing wrong really?  Just like that kid.  Sure he may be a nuisance… but damn… a felony for that?  ORANGE!


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