Though I imagine
only some readers know I left, I realise now a lot of folks are reading
this through an RSS feed, which don’t show up on my statistic trackers,
so hello to all of you…

I meant to post this long dissection of a program written just in time
to provide me with music for the vacation from which I’m just
returning, but one of my PCs went on the fritz days before I left, so I
just figured I should just go on it and worry later.


I’ve taken enough trips by myself that I’m now accustomed to travelling
light, planning little more than visiting some friends I want to be
with for a while and otherwise letting things happen efficiently, and
by themselves.  It makes for relaxing vacations with few

The results are best summarized that I spent most of the time meeting
with people and eating with them, or driving in order to do so. 
It was a good time and a long break that I’ve needed for a while.

Thanks to everyone that had me and that I got to visit with; I’ll be
back soon enough, I want to make next time a bit more efficient and
sensible, so I can spend more time with people instead of runnning
around like I’m down from college for Thanksgiving or something.

I’ve learned that I like driving, and considered a few things.  I
enjoyed careening through the Great Smoky Mountains, not dangerously
fast, but faster than most of the other vehicles on the interstate
(semi’s jake-braking in the right lane) could handle, but much of the
swift control was not a statement of my car’s suspension, tires, and
engine, as much as its cruise control.  If my car had a manual
transmission, I probably wouldn’t have appeared to be so adroit while
winding through the hills.

The driving enthusiast, the “purist” of sorts, would have demanded or
prefered the manual transmission to the automatic, wanting to control
the machine throughout the section of the ride, and probably would have
done it well, but since I only drive some twenty minutes a day down a
flat road to work, I don’t exactly have a way to practice for that sort
of thing, and traffic isn’t the place to learn.

In the past, I’ve often compared the evolution of the computer’s user
interfaces to the invention of such things as power steering and the
automatic transmission in the automobile.  We take these things
for granted, and rarely consider there to be any alternatives- in most
cases there aren’t any alternatives.  I prefer to be able to see
the inner workings of my computer and software, but what about the user
that really is only on the PC for about twenty minutes a day?  Car
enthusiasts and computer enthusiasts are growing to have quite a bit in

If you’re ever concerned about what may become of overclockers,
homebrewers, reflashers, or open software systems, read about what
folks do to ‘unrestrict’ their ordinary passenger cars.  It’s been
both discouraged and yet, secretly okay, to mess around with cars for
decades, and the same will be true about computing for a very long time.


Considering I had just returned from vacation, and that the original
subject of this blog was that I didn’t need money to be content with
myself, I found this article priceless:,,7-2016859,00.html

I don’t think there’s much news in this article, but I find it
interesting that it turns out that if you have ungodly amounts of
money, spending it on trips and such is more likely to make you feel
better than buying things that lay around your house all the time.

I could’ve easily replaced a PC or two with the money I used to go visit friends, but I think I made the right decision.

Thanks again to everyone I visited, and sorry to anyone that might have
wanted to see me but missed out, I’ll be back in good time.  I
don’t expect to be able to visit “everyone” when I travel; the way I
travel and the times I can travel usually don’t allow for it.

And to anyone reading that doesn’t know me on a personal level, make
sure you keep in touch with people that you know that live far away,
and pay them a visit from time to time.  You don’t have to do
anything in particular, just visit.

Sometimes, just being around somebody for a while is all you really need.

See you next time.


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