This is somewhat overdue, but the process has kept me occupied in a number of ways.



When I got back from vacation, I brought my Honda in for
its maintenence check, at which point the dealership was ready to sick
$850 on me before the sucker was even examined for wear and such. 
In the area, my alternatives were to tell them off and take my car to a
mechanic that won’t use good enough parts for my taste (cheap knock-off
parts will not go well in that car) or try to trade it in for something
with the same kind of payment.  The above was the best car in my
price range.  (The others were American shitboxes in terrible

The advantage, aside from having one of the most conspicuous and unique
rides in the county, is that the car is far prettier and has more
accessories than my Accord did, even has a bigger motor.  Being an
American car, my insurance went down and when I want a part, I don’t
have to wait months on end for it to come from Japan.  Since parts
are plentiful, I can take the car to anyone, I’m not tethered to any
particular dealer.

In addition, rumor has it there’s a Mopar junkie in Savannah that rebuilds any Chrysler motor relatively cheap.

The disadvantage is that I’ve started from payment one and well,  I really didn’t want to trade the Honda.

The PT is growing on me, though.  It’s got that Volkswagen Beetle ‘not rich but worth staring at’ feel.

In other news, work is quieting down, so maybe I’ll post that code I intended to post before vacation soon…

Hope everyone’s doing well.

Mister_Green: Yeah. I had a great time
up there.  I don’t think I got to tell you that the very next day
I ate so much that I threw up in my car…  and no, I didn’t trade
the car in just to get rid of the vomit smell…  Anyway, ‘Wish
You Were Here’ seemed like the right song for the time, part because of
the words, part because my throat wasn’t feeling good enough for
anything higher.

See you next time.


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