The only happy-ish news I could find in the past few weeks…

Johnny Rotten and other survivors are upset that they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Apparently, there’s a lot more back story to it than simply having someone say “We want to give you an award,” and the would-be recipient saying “No, thank you.”

Is it just me, or do all the induction choices have a deceased founding member?

I was never that big on the Hall of Fame anyway…

Thanks for the comments.

vertigo_josh: ALT – F4 isn’t really intuitive either, though that reminds me, I read some kind of thing about the guy that developed the CTRL – ALT – DEL vulcan neck pinch, where he humbly says, “Yes, I invented it, but Bill made it famous.”

The author didn’t site other reset sequences like Open Apple – Control – Reset, but that’s besides the point, I guess.

I like that college professors take the attitude of, “You’re paying for it, it’s your waste if you don’t want to learn anything,” but the tied-in effect is that there is no implied “you’re paying good money for this, I better make sure you get your money’s worth.”

In fact, I can think of maybe three professors I had that gave a rat’s ass about the amount of money being spent on the education. One if them was my department’s chairperson, who was supportive of my decision to leave. In his own words, “It’s awfully hard to come up with songs when you’re worried about where food is going to come from.”

Organic_Gaming: I overheard a lady talking about having bought a $300 HP shitbox home computer in a WalMart or something like that, and that she had literally just recently tossed it in the garbage, having failed to make it do anything useful for her. As computers have become more important of an appliance for people, it appears that we’ve sort of lost sight of a principle: not everyone needs a gargantuan calculator in the corner of the living room.

I say that, knowing that there’s enough intelligence in the microprocessors of many, if not most, home appliances today, to rebuild into a computer of power comparable to PCs in the 90’s. Moore’s Law is scary.

linuxaddict11111: If everyone agrees that the Registry sucks, why do we still have gigantic, often XML based, monolithic configuration files?

Now that I’ve got some experience with Kat I can say that the footprint it creates is minimal and it’s the fastest file search I’ve ever used, but it’s not without glaring weaknesses. Do not attempt to watch gigantic trees of files, for example. (Workaround of unknown success: make a tarball of a big tree you want to watch so you can erase it, tell Kat to start watching the emptied directory, then extract the tarball back where it was… Your mileage may vary.)

The bigger issue now, is how often will I want to use Kat to search for something? I most commonly search for music files, and amaroK does that already.

I wish I had better things to report on. I did help my friend unexpectedly win an acoustic-leaning battle of the bands, so we’ll have the semifinal (or is that the final?) to play soon…

I’m trying to recall the early 80’s, when there was fear of nuclear destruction, Iran contras and instability in the Middle East messing with gas prices, uprisings throughout South and Central America, and disputes around the world… It’s not that much different nowadays, is it? It’s at most ‘just as bad’ yet, times seem scarier now. Maybe there’s some part of me that wrongly believes my generation can transcend bullshit.

Hope everybody’s feeling okay.

See you next time.



  1. ORANGE!  For how much John Lydon is a prick, and whatnot… and I’m sure he’d piss even me off, I love the guy.  The stuff he does isn’t funny, nor respectable, but it’s him being himself.  I’ve always kinda liked that about him.  I saw him on Judge Judy being sued once and he was just making the court a spectacle, but was still respectable enough as to not piss the Judge off.  Quite a sight to see.  And as far as the Hall Of Fame, he should be in a Hall of infamy… which would be just as famous a distinction.  ORANGE!


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