Another couple weeks with not too much to report about…

The most interesting things I can bring up right now are that http://www.legaltorrents.com/
finally got a new entry that lit up on the aggregator; an archinve for
a netlabel called Exegene, specializing in Drum n Bass music.

I miss the simplicity of Drum n Bass.

While it’s much like The Blues in that there’s only so much you can
change about it before it stops being The Blues, and while there’s
absolutely no groundbreaking material in that archive that I’ve found
yet, there’s just something about the feel in that sound that I haven’t
revisited in a long time, that makes it sound a bit interesting
today.  Maybe in a few weeks I’ll decide i need the hard disk
space back…

The nice thing about the similar tempos is that I can drag the whole
record label onto the player and set a really long crossfade and it
will still sound good. While I can’t think of any tracks that stand
out, most of them will at least have you nodding your head somewhat, or
at worst, have you wanting a European or Japanese car.

Instead of the ‘now playing’ or ‘Currently listening to…’ fields seen on most blogs, I noticed that last.fm
has “cut and paste” code boxes so you can have the last five things you
listened to on your (or their) media player shown in a small box on the
web page of your choice.

You’ll find mine at the bottom of any page next to the current Terror Alert level, which at this writing, is Bert.

I believe clicking on the little playlist will take you to the page
with my last.fm account, so you can view my listening habits of the
past two years in gruesome detail, as well as find other folks that
last.fm think listen to the same stuff I do.

Because I worked a fifty hour week leading up to Mother’s Day, I bought
myself New Super Mario Bros. with some of the overtime money. 
Like the Drum n Bass above, there is absolutely nothing groundbreaking
about the game at all, it’s just good in its remarkably two-dimensional
mushroom-ingesting way.

It’s funny that if you spend a long time away from something, it can feel fresh again.

Despite these relatively trivial things, it occured to me that most of
the news on CNN (which is on constantly in our break room at work) is
exactly the same as the news from one to two, or even three years ago.

Thanks for the comments.

posicat:  I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks that my car’s
air conditioner is not as much of a sap as I first thought; the
proverbial Chrysler ‘learning’ mechanism just wasn’t used to the way I
drive, with it on.

I seem to get the best efficiency with a full tank.  Or maybe
that’s just a psychological effect of not staring at the gauge as often?

(I’ll fill out the calendar soon.)

I feel you about the job only paying for the gas.  The last time I
stayed with my brother, we lived in the middle of the woods, and I had
an hour commute to work two jobs.  I discovered one job only paid
for its gas, and the other was the actual money I made, so by quitting
one of them, I ended up with the same result of not-much-left… but at
least I wasn’t driving all over the place.

Those were kind of ugly times for me, but then again, if I hadn’t gone
through it, my brother wouldn’t have shown me the internet, I wouldn’t
have moved to Illinois when I did, and in turn I wouldn’t have met any
of you…

There’s some other funny coincidences going on around me that involve
other people, so I don’t think it’s right to write it down here yet.

I should say, though, that I’m still in a way better mood than I probably ought to be.

I hope everyond is well.

See you next time.


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