Tomorrow (Monday 6/12) USA make their debut in this year’s World Cup, which started last Friday and although it isn’t completely devoid of antics, it’s been rather sportsmanlike and…  normal, if that’s the right word, so far.  Of course, it’s still early to call anything too shocking, but early on the mad props go to Ecuador…

The USA debut against Czech Republic.  USA were power-ranked 5th in the world coming into the tournament, Czech Republic were power ranked 2, mainly from their performance in the last Euro tournament.  Czech Republic will probably be missing their star striker.  USA’s captain Claudio Reyna tweaked a ligament but says he’s ready to play.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

USA were drawn into a tough group; they also have to play Italy, who despite going through a probe regarding a gambling and rigged-matches scandal, they’re…  Italy.

The runner up in this group will probably be eliminated by Brazil in the first knockout round.  The winner of this group will probably be eliminated by Brazil in quarterfinals.

Of course, I’m aware of other news, such as al-Zarqawi’s death and such…  I strongly regret that he survived the bomb blast on his compound, only to be found by paramedics and soldiers, and die on the stretcher.  It is tragic that he could not be resuscitated so that someone could tell him, to his face, what an asshole he was.

Thanks for the comments.

vertigo_josh:  I haven’t gotten around to checking out 7 Habits though in the meantime, I’ve relearned that the local library sucks.  I might buy myself a copy in good time, or just sit in the bookstore reading it one day… the teaser they let you read at cuts off at a very (probably deliberately) anti-climactic point.

At the time I was writing the last entry, I was thinking more of the title “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which is not a book I recommend or think I could act upon anytime soon, but has made me think, in principle, of how many of our habits, be them moneyspending, hobbies, or whatever, are passed on in nature-nurture style from our families.

Now, as for the rest of it, I have been trying to change up my daily cycle to some extent, though with little success.  It occurred to me, though, that since the World Cup is here for the next month, my habits will likely revolve around my ability to watch recorded matches, much as last time, I averaged about two hours of sleep per day watching the matches live, since they were on around midnight compared to the local timezone of Japan and South Korea.

If something good comes of it, I’ll try to keep the flow going after the tournament, or if not, well, I’ll just have to think of something else, right?

Hope everyone is well.

See you next time.


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