Just what my country needs, another international embarrassment.

While it’s no shame to lose to a team that’s as skilled as Czech Republic are supposed to be, I expected something that looked more like a contest… USA’s pursuit was bad, the defense (specifically, marking) was loose and poor, but, those opinions are all covered elsewhere.

Personally, I expected a tie or a really tough ground down close loss, and hoped for a surprise.

Let’s hope somebody spikes Italy with a massive dose of suck.

I saw a quick spot on the news that runs in our break room at work- a semi-scientific study has found out the cure to urban traffic can be summarized in two words-

Don’t wreck.

The congestion caused by collisions and accidents causes a majority of delays, and all the polution problems that go with it would also easily be solved if people simply drove well enough that those accidents never happen. There’d even be a significant reduction if there was no “gaper’s delay” or “rubbernecking” or whatever you like to call the phenomenon, as slowing to look is what makes the congestion linger.

Of course, a driver’s diverted attention could be what caused the wreck in the first place, but is any of that really news?

The only shock value in it is that supposedly the elimination of congestion caused by accidents would reduce polution more than trying to put folks in carpools, busses, and trains.

Hope everyone is doing well.

See you next time.


One thought on “WTF USA?

  1. ORANGE!  Don’t wreck, that’s too good.  When I first read that headline I was thinkin’ about the relief fund stuff FEMA used for strippers, a sex change, and all this other jazz.  ORANGE!


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