It’s been a somewhat lazy July as far as the workplace goes, and though this isn’t the case, it feels like I’ve spent a lot of it on vacation.

Despite that, I’ve actually managed some pretty big strides with the Bygfoot project and at this writing, I just missed the opportunity to share some work with a Brazilian to see if the South American definitions meet the rough approval of someone who ought to know more about the leagues down there than I’ve just been learning by reading.

At vertigo_josh’s suggestion I checked out 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, and I have to admit, for the sort of book it is, I am very impressed, and I understand why he suggested it. I very much like its main concept, that there are these immutable principles of the world that do not need to be expressed but can be learned, and do not appear to be incongruous with any surviving religion (although certain concepts in a religion can be incongruous with the principles.)

At an all more important level, though, it deals with the notion that most people are not aware of just how much control they may have over their own destinies. To give the idea, think of how many times you say that you have to or need to do something, and try substituting “I’m going to…” or “I want to…” and see how true the statement really is, that way.

Think about the concequences of a different choice in each situation, and you might be surprised how many things there are that you think you have to do, or need to do, but simply… don’t.

The goal of the book is to teach the reader to become ‘effective’, not successful, or rich, or anything else that can be subjective. I am amazed at how many of the concepts I’ve heard repeated even though I’ve only been reading the book over the past few days.

I also like that despite being a self-help book, it doesn’t make me feel self-centered as I read it. The last person to suggest something like that to me was trying to get me to do these crazy exercises of narcissism.

More on that later.

The rather well-to-do aunt and uncle in my dad’s family passed through on their way to Orlando. They hadn’t seen me in about twelve years, and I had to explain just about everything that’s happened to me over that time, and of course, I couldn’t… It was hard enough to talk about what I do today.

They seemed to lament how poorly my father’s family keep in touch, and the best I could do is agree. I gave them my email address. I hope they use it.

Naturally, I hope everything is going well with everyone. I expect to spend quite a bit of time thinking about what I do, when, and why, over the next few weeks, but I also get the feeling that any changes won’t be too drastic.

In fact, when I go through periods of introspection I end up not changing much at all.

See you next time.


2 thoughts on “BASIC TRUTHS

  1. [“I hear it as a form of ‘immutable’ which makes me think it’s saying ‘Earth will not change’. Otherwise, not bad… especially if you’re trying to make it tell a story about change, or being stubborn…”]I was thinking the same thing but then I looked it up and they are apparently right about the definition. So I’m basically in the middle of two words that both imply something I don’t really want them to imply. One is a word that means a financial change/exchange, the other makes us both think a lack of change rather than a surplus. Personally I like the sound of Cambiare best and how it goes togather with Terra but I don’t want to imply the game deals with money/greed. Maybe I should try and think of a non-Latin name for the game…[“Summer session- cramming into 12 weeks something that’s supposed to take 16… no wonder you’ve been away…”]Actually where I go it’s 7.5 and 15 weeks, respectivly. I’m only taking one class though, the rest of the time is spent working at the college doing Supplimental Instruction (group tutoring) for the “intro to computer” classes. With classes, work, and walking, I get home around 6:00 at which point I waste a considerable amount of my remaining time. This project I have for my Cultural Anthropology class is very new to me though, it’s the first class to require fieldwork preceeded by a methods paper and concluded with a 6 page essay. So that would make this assignment both a new kind of assignment and also my longest essay I’ve had to write… that last part is kind of sad really. I should have taken more writing intensive classes in high school. Oh well, that’s the past and I can only deal with the future now.


  2. [“Worlds of Change” (in English) isn’t a bad title on its own, you know… it isn’t taken, is it?]Yep it’s taken. It’s also a somewhat common phrase… or it used to be anyway. Hmmm it’s a toughie. Dang that person for being right!! =DI suppose I could hold off on naming the game until more of the back-story is in place but then what do I call it until then? I pretty much know the main themes of the story and the sources I’m borrowing those themes from but I haven’t taken the time to explain it thoroughly yet. It’s a combination of my own beliefs, real world religions/philosophies, and my idea of the perfect world.


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