It’s absolutely important to eat and sleep properly and on time. There are so many things I wanted to look up, dabble in, or otherwise, mess around with on this day off but I’ve gone through the whole day with a proverbial cloud in my head. I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything, and I’m even having a considerable amount of difficulty with writing this now… but enough of that.

I’ve read in a few places that world sport immitates the global political climate in the same way that art immitates life. In fact, it doesn’t take much effort for me to make my point. A Mennanite sold out his religion to take up cycling, won the Tour de France, and now, stands accused of taking performance enhancing drugs, illegal both in his sport, and his former religion.

Listen to how the North Korean women’s team bitch that they are treated unfairly and that the officials want them to lose simply because they are North Korean.

No one is thinking about the greater consequences, the “damage to the game” or the community, or what sort of environment is created for the opponents, because apparently winning is more important than any of that.

Cheating is catchy. Once you know your opponents are cheating, there becomes no other retaliation besides cheating yourself, and in the end, everyone loses, because the only way to make the cheating stop is to stop playing; nobody can be trusted or believe anything anyone is saying.

I find it disheartening when I read about the effects of international terror, because suicide bombers have no rules of engagement, and the only ideas anyone has to stop them require blatant violations of rights and civilian deaths.

I also find it disgusting that whenever international terror comes up, domestic terror doesn’t. There has been gang violence in the United States for centuries, so why do people in my podunk neighborhood fear the truck bomb more than the drive-by?

linuxaddict11111 has been writing pieces on side effects of the proverbial ‘War on Drugs’, and the positive effect legalizing recreational drugs may have in the future. I don’t think legalizing marijuana alone, or regulating several recreational drugs, would do anything to permanently stop gang violence and organized crime (because people that want or need to make crooked money will simply turn to other means to do so, like Nigerian internet scams) but I think there would be an impact as these people suddenly need to find something else to do, or some way to legitimize their businesses. I also forsee convenience stores, the kind that make more money in alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets, becoming supermarkets of engineered poverty. Filling your body with junk will never be truly socially acceptable, watch what’s happening to fast food…

The ‘War on Terror’ reeks of Manifest Destiny, this gradiose mistake that we know can never be corrected, and for which no reparations can ever be made. When one person cheats, there is cheating in retaliation, and in the end, there is so much cheating that everyone loses.

Other news? I brought an older computer back to life to run as a server and I’m thinking about a project written in Ruby on Rails…

Hope everyone is doing okay.

See you next time.



  1. Thought-provoking. Winning a major tourney often secures lucrative sponsorships for the athlete so it is not suprising when the stakes–and rewards–are that high, many athletes are willing to compromise their morals (or lack thereof) to win at all costs. But, as spectators, we can boycott it. For example, we do not have to watch baseball where steroid use is rampant. “I’ve read in a few places that world sport immitates the global political climate in the same way that art immitates life.” <–True, but I also think it is because games between certain countries (usually old nemeses) are so hyped up. From wikipedia: Fischer’s victory over the Soviet champion Boris Spassky to win the world championship in the “Match of the Century” was seen as a symbolic victory for the West that catalyzed interest in the game internationally. His opponent was portrayed, in the United States in particular, as the product of an impersonal, mechanical, and oppressive system of state control, while Fischer was the solitary genius overcoming the Soviets’ claim to dominance. As he was a national hero, Americans were willing to forgive his behavior and views as eccentricities.Why was Bobby Fischer’s win so symbolic? And is the tragedy that a mere chess game was elevated to such importance? Sports will always reflect zeitgeist. When blacks were allowed to play in the MLB, NBA, etc. or the salary disparties between male and female athletes. Eh, I am rambling…


  2. ORANGE!  Yeah, I definitely think cheating is growing on account it’s more under a country’s influence and such to be number one, than any personal player’s wishes.  Kinda a peer pressure thing.  But I can’t deny, I loved it when I saw Zidane headbutt that one guy.  And all the parodies the internet came up with after it.  Like the sniper cat that was gonna kill the other player, but Zidane headbutted him outta the way and the bullet missed.  Too sweet.  And yes, your piece on national/domestic terror is good.  I was actually making a comment similar the other week about where our media and minds have gone.  I said (in paraphrase at work) “Apparently Lance Bass coming out of the closet is the biggest piece of news anyone had to offer in America.  Forget the soldiers we have dying overseas… Forget any local government scandal that’s been going on.  I mean… the news is all presented in the matter of the most important ya know.  Obviously everything’s going alright in the world at the time being.”  That’s one reason I don’t watch news anymore… nothing important is on it really.  I mean Mel Gibson just got arrested for DUI or whatnot… but he APOLOGIZED for it.  This was the BIG NEWS.  So I guess that means he’ll be back to driving in what… under three months while other people I know still haven’t gotten their licenses back after four years.  Apparently all you have to do is apologize eh?  I think we owe it all to Joe Camel personally.  I think that was the biggest catalyst in how media can effect people… that made the media itself decide to use it’s power of influence.  Sorry I’m rambling.  But damn that Zidane headbutt was awesome.  Soccer hooligans… is there nothing better?  Oke, catch ya’ll on the flipside.  ORANGE!


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