( 9 – 1 ) / ( 11 – 1) / ( 2001 + 5 )

The phone rings with a simple tone in my ear. I look at the LCD display on the phone, because it’s showtime. In fact, I had ‘picked up’ the instant the tone stopped.

A missing order? Accidentally double charged? We sent the wrong clothes?

Angry voices, calming voices, maybe rationalized, maybe slamming the phone down upset.

Receiving hundreds of dollars worth of designer clothes is something worth being upset about. Cats are kicked, children yell at their parents, first days of school are ruined.

Busses explode in marketplaces. Teenagers collect spent rockets intended to kill them for no reason other than hatred of their religion and geneology.

Dictators march their soldiers in formation through the streets, instilling discipline, fearing for their lives.

A mother picks up a baby’s spilled milk, and life goes on.

Whenever something on the news plays on the so-called “9/11 Commision” investigating what could have been done to prevent the third greatest catastrophe of the 21st century, I wonder what sort of deal we as a culture would have made of it had the plan been so foiled that nobody died?

I suppose we get to find out now. Prospects look pretty grim at this writing, since though I’ve heard plenty of airport survival tips, there isn’t much news of what’s coming of the people that wanted to bring several airliners crashing into the Atlantic through what probably would have appeared to be spontaneous explosion, but the best I say is be thankful some of this anti-terrorist crap is working.

I still believe that the War on Terror ended on September 11, 2001. Terror won.

As a global culture, we have to worry about people pulling stunts like this for as long as people are assanine enough to try. Halting our lives for this junk only makes it worse.

With that in mind, I think it’s time to stop mourning the great loss that 9/11/2001 represents, and start celebrating the victory that 8/10/2006 is.

The picture? I took a trip in January of 2002 carrying that, it was a present from a friend. It was searched for Anthrax powder.

Thanks for the comments.

Welcome, ahhyee, who apparently writes less often than I do… but I’ll watch in case you decide to start writing again.

ahhyee: There is a similar but opposite effect that countries will take when USA lose at basketball, and a depression that comes with being defeated by the USA in soccer, that the USA are the bullies of the world, and that “we can beat them at their game” or “I can’t believe they beat us at our game” respectively. I’ve not seen this sort of thing translated to sports where the USA is integrated but not dominated, like motorsports, tennis, or golf.

Zeitgeist (spirit of the times or spirit of the age) is a good word for it though, as it describes well why Israel are now banned from hosting any international competition (the obvious safety reasons) as well as why they are aligned in UEFA (Europe’s soccer governance) instead of AFC (which contain everything else from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim. If Israel had to qualify for the World Cup by playing Jordan, Syria, and Iran, there’d probably be deaths at every match.)

Mister_Green: Cheating is a sort of path of least resistance. As long as it’s easier to gain by crossing people than it is to gain more fairly, there will be people that try that approach.

Lance Bass is one of those items that make me wonder when News forgot that it contains the word “New”. Let’s out all of N-sync and get it over with…

Much more disturbing to me is that the tragedy of centuries of persecution finally coming to a head (we hope) in World War II sticks so hard in our minds that Mel Gibson’s drunk tirade has the media linking him to the Halocaust, when the reality of his actions is that his words hurt no-one, but his driving could have killed many, even himself.

To make sure this is clear, ragging on Jewish folks now appears to be a higher crime than vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol.

Mel Gibson already has my proverbial $12, it’s not like I’m going to be able to get it back. Maybe that’s what all those papparazi are for?

Also, regarding Zindane, look up “Coup de Boule”. It’s a European Reggaeton club hit.

I’ve put myself on a schedule (literally) to make entries roughly every other week with no set day to release. I’ve tried this sort of thing with limited success, but this time I’m confident because I already have my topic for next time.

I’m still on the same projects and added another, which is one of the subjects for next time, but in a nutshell, I’ve started work on a new personal website, although I’m only half-certain what sort of content it will have.

Hope everyone is doing well.

See you next time.


One thought on “( 9 – 1 ) / ( 11 – 1) / ( 2001 + 5 )

  1. “terror won.”terrorism is a scare tactic exploited by our government to scare us into shedding our civil liberties. In my mind, the “war on terror” == the “war on communism”. I mean just look at us, running around frantically taking up bottles of water and toothepaste tubes from airline passengers… I look at it this way. If people have a reason to want to use terrorism, they will find a way. The most secure computer is the one with no disk drives and no network connection; the most secure airplane is one that doesn’t fly. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t worry about terrorism at all. but it’s not going to help anything for us to give up our liberties, no matter what the government tries to tell us. They are trying to get us to give them total control over us in exchange for a sense of safety… but the thing is, we can have both. But if we give up one or the other, we will end up with neither. As Ben Franklin once said, and it is written at the top of my blog: “Those who would give up Essential Libertyto purchase a little Temporary Safety,deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”We just need to be careful what we let the government do on our behalf. Because if we aren’t vigilant about protecting the bill of rights it will be gone before we can say “you have the right to remain silent”.


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