It’s funny that I don’t quite feel as excited now as perhaps I ought
to…  In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed.  Over last summer, I was working
on some XML for the Bygfoot soccer management sim, and lately, I got
myself a little too busy and didn’t notice that it released sometime in October.  It’s me… in a GPL’ed project…  well, it’s a game and all but, anyway….

It’s still at if anyone is interested and hasn’t downloaded it yet.

There’s a lot you can do for a program’s project besides writing code.  If you feel so inclined, you can write the ‘help’ and documentation to a program you like to use (but lacks proper instructions) and get recognition for it as well; it’s all very important work.

There’s been quite a bit that went on, besides spending a week minding my dad’s place, that’s been on my mind lately.  I interviewed for a holiday promotion… got turned down,…  and offered a different one.  I’m still not sure what to think of all that.

The nice thing about spending the week housesitting while my father is on vacation is that it gave me quite a bit of quiet time to think about the things that were changing around me, and time to relax and watch TV, something I rarely do nowadays, and just sorta play around.

I added motorsport to my list interests, because frankly, on my brother’s dish it’s much easier to watch races on Speed than it is to find football games (or pay for them) so I’ve watched Formula 1, ChampCar, and MotoGP come to an end…  though I’ve managed to watch a little MLS and Champion’s League too… and half an NFL game…

I’ve always had a slight fascination with the winged, open-wheeled cars of what was then called IndyCAR, and I’m not sure where it ever came from, since nobody else in my family is particularly fond of motorsport, then again, nobody in my family is fond of professional soccer either…  Maybe it was video games, because I liked Pole Position… which is really (vaguely) about Formula 1…

Getting to the point, I just wanted to throw my two cents in about Alonso versus Schumacher this year, because it speaks a few volumes about the way people think of motorsport in other parts of the world.  I am bothered that ideas I find inferior and anticompetitive have been sneaking into motorsport around the world.

Motorsport is about testing equipment to prove which manufacturers’ cars, motors, tires, and so on, are best.

You see, this year’s Formula 1 season wasn’t about Alonso and Schumacher, it was about Renault and Ferrari, not that I could ever get my hands on either sort of car any time soon.

The first car races were drag races, where Henry Ford proved he could create machines that are faster than locomotives, and that evolved into tests of durability and reliability, which have escalated ever since.

Every team in a Formula 1 race has two cars, and a manufacturer’s engine might be used in four cars at most.  There used to be more, but this year there were two types of tires used.  We can gleam from this year’s action that Michelin make tires that don’t take lateral G-forces very well, and that Bridgestones suck in the rain, but then again, does that translate to the Pilots and Potenzas we can put on our cars?  It’s supposed to, but it bothers me that maybe it doesn’t.

Next year there will only be one tire manufacturer in Formula 1 (Bridgestone) which is the same sole supplier for ChampCar.  All ChampCars are mechanically identical and run identical Ford motors.  All IRL cars run Honda motors. All NASCARs ride on Goodyear slicks.  Since I can’t see a Honda against a Ford, or cars running Dunlop, Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgstone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Kumho tires all on the same track, I can’t even try to deduce that there is any evidence that one tire is better than another.

Actually, there are a few kinds of motorsport that still maintain that sort of competition, but they get almost no face time to a point that I expect that anybody that’s skimmed the post from lack of interest may have no idea what some of them are, but I’ll list them anyway:  rally (which puts the cars against the elements too!), sportscar and prototype racing that is often branded “Le Mans” and similar, and other sorts of Touring cars…  I think it’s safe to consider most grassroots motorsport to be well under the radar.

I recently find motorcycle racing rather fascinating in that the equipment they race is very accessible to the public, especially in series like FIM Superbikes.

I suppose if you care that much, you know how to avoid the loud hype and know where to look.

If you worry that motorsport is dangerous, look up Katherine Legge’s
wreck on YouTube and as you watch, remember that she was concious
throughout the accident, and once pulled from the car, walked away with
some bruises.  In fact, if you just like watching stuff burn and break, have a look.

And finally, Formula 1’s season end was exciting enough without needing to artificially create it through engineering parity or a playoff ‘chase’ format.  (Insert picture of tongue sticking out here.)

Despite worries and claims that improvised bombs will explode the instant the new US Congress go into session, I have to admit I’m very please with the political environment we’re going to have soon.  While it’s still dead-heated to the point of frustration, we now have a situation where the US government can learn to compomise and therefore, accomplish, or they can argue and do absolutely nothing, because despite the news making it sound like Democrats have landslided, they lack the numbers to override a veto, and I want to believe that both sides of the proverbial and literal aisle will be smart enough not to bother with policy that the other side can’t possibly approve of- it’s delightfully balanced…

Then again, knowing that, within minutes I remember hearing Democrat speeches immediately promising changes that I’m certain will be met with immediate fillibuster and veto.  Vote for Cheap Ceramic Rooster.

Thanks for the comments.

Mister_Green:  Work is good, and now’s a good time of year to do it.

I decided I needed to eat more vegetables and started eating bagged raq brocchli, dipped in ranch sauce, as a healthier snack than just potato chips… then the spinach scare happened.  I changed it to a banana a day.

ahhyee:  I write these in one draft usually, so mispellings happen.

Can children recognize the the fantasy in a dancer acting sexy to be fun, or a rapper turning a drug dealer’s lifestyle into that of a Wild West cowboy’s?

Every generation has had something like that to contend with.  My father listened to coffee-house protest folk music, but he was not a hippie or a drug user, he just liked the sound.

I’m not quite sure why I never found growing up Catholic to be oppressive- it’s not that I didn’t get told that certain things are wrong, or that there was some specific way to be good or bad, but I was also taught that we have free will to face the consequences of our actions and can do pennance to fix mistakes.

There are very few mistakes that can’t be fixed, and there are very few actions that don’t have some sort of consequence.  Perhaps that’s what I take from the whole experience…  otherwise, it’s a nice way to get the protestants down here to quit inviting me to their churches, “No thanks, I’m Catholic.”

linuxaddict11111:  Glad you’re working on (or perhaps rather talking about) code again.

Organic_Gaming:  I’m very impressed with the way your WordPress site looks…

Here’s hoping everyone’s doing well as much as I’m hoping I’m capable of holding down a temporary management gig.

See you next time.



  1. docs writers are definitely under-appreciated … as are docs in general, i think. We unix folk make almost daily use of man without appreciating the fact that someone sat down and meticulously wrote the thing out! So, fantastic that you were able to contribute in that way. :)e2undel: when you delete a file in ext2, its inodes are unassigned but not cleared, assumedly to save time; not sure why they chose to actually -clear- these inodes in ext3, something to do with the journal no doubt. dems: glad to see a change for sure, hopefully this change will be for the better, hopefully they’ll use their newfound power for good… we’ll see. I was going to say something else, but i have a headache that’s fuzzing my mind over : oh well. Probably something to do with computers or something like that.anyway, have a good one -Brandon


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