I’m about four days back from my annual Indiana trip.  Although there are times when my friends and I will do tourist-like things, it isn’t really the purpose of the trip, as much as a good breather for all of us at a time when we know we can all get away with taking the time off.

The only tourism photo in the collage above is the parking lot on the left, which isn’t well evidenced from the bleachers in the background- that parking lot is in the infield of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which I visited briefly, on my own time, because I was a few hours ahead of schedule.  If you’ve ever had even a slight inclination towards cars going around in circles, it’s a place to go at least once in your life just to say you were there.  On a winter weekday, it’s also an opportune time to complain to the bus driver about what a jerk Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone can be.  Oh, and Moto GP (or similar, the guide just said “motorcycle testing”) may be coming there soon too.

A drive from 50 degrees and clouds to 29 degrees and flurries is not the time to remember that your car has never been winterized.  There were no incidents or accidents, though.  I drove with my coat off and the cruise control set for a majority of the trip.  I even had the roof open for the first leg of the northbound trip.

Anyway, it was a good to relax and talk and eat 60 donuts and 1000 french fries.

I don’t have too much else to bring up for right now, but I’d like to thank the staff at Red Bull New York for not following through on the rumors regarding players whose names begin with “R” and end in “O”.

I hope everyone is doing well.

See you next time.


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