Two of the three people that work in my brother’s shop got sick and he had to go out on a “house call” so he asked me to hold things down for him…  which means I’m not home.  I’ll try to remember what I wanted to say here…  oh, that’s right…


IRL’s own website is loaded with razzes and flame wars that depict Dan Wheldon and the more successful teams as bad for the sport, mostly from people that clearly don’t understand how post-schism Indy racing works.  This is to be expected, but I digress; I’d rather debunk the criticism and give credit where credit is due.

In open-wheeled racing the US, the governing bodies of the sports do everything in their power to make certain that all the involved racing teams are working from the same equipment, most likely in the interest of cost control.  In ChampCar, for example, all cars run Panoz chassis with Cosworth motors, and in IRL, their pride and joy is an ethanol-fueled motor built by Honda, and all teams run Dallara and Panoz chassis built to identical specifications.

Therefore, crying that a flag to flag win with only a six second gap between winner and second place is too dominant is meaningless:  Dan Wheldon’s team really is that good, and they were the only team that did not complain about their car in some way or another.  Unfortunately, IRL’s fanbase are accustomed to margins of victory measured in thousandths of seconds because of how identical their cars truly are.That means it is inappropriate to ask for a penalty weight rule or anything else of the sort.

IRL is also the only motorsport I’ve seen that both mandates its tires to be identical and doesn’t get complaints about the tires from its drivers.  I’d say Firestone deserve credit, but I’d believe it more if other teams in the field also ran Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama, Kumho, Dunlop, or anyone else that’d feel like showing off.  (500 miles are extremely brutal on a tire and are a good demonstration of quality.)

Then again, I also wish other engine suppliers would take the opportunity to step in and prove they can build an ethanol engine as well; particularly any manufacturer that is known to make so-called FlexFuel cars- (that’s Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and Toyota at least, and that would put all the major manufacturers of North America in the competition.)  500 miles at 10,000 RPM is a reasonable test, but shouldn’t be that difficult to construct.

An engines/constructor’s championship would encourage this.

I’ve started to take a deliberate break from competing with the musicians on IRC, and I suppose by being here at my brother’s shop I won’t be composing much until it’s time to go home; when I get home I’ll work on some pieces that don’t have a one-hour time limit.  My last few entries have had too similar of a sound and I need to spend some time learning how to make the tracker software do something different, and get myself accustomed to programming and writing on it in a different way.

I typically have not been starting from a melody, so in the end I’ve been turning in these extended, repetitive beats that might have some limited harmony to it, but in the end, do not demand the listener’s attention, and unless I get better at creating that sort of attention in an hour or less, I won’t improve in the competitions.  Even if I don’t, at least I like the sound of the results a little more, and I have to admit I’m enjoying the process.

I successfully rehabilitated a set of student loans, receiving the new payment schedule yesterday and learning the new lender is the same bank where I have my checking account.  I guess that means I can’t miss payments anymore.

I hope everyone is doing well.

See you next time.



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