In return for watching his shop in an emergency of sorts, my brother bought me an ATX case, so I felt semi-obligated to build a computer inside it.  He had an Athlon 64 CPU laying around, so I bought a motherboard suited to it, and matching memory, and figured I’d put it together.

I’m still getting accustomed to the way 64-bit era computers behave and are tuned.  At this writing, the computer is more stable when mildly overclocked than when I run it at spec.  I think I’ve found a good optimal setting as I’m writing this, but for all I know the sucker will crash any minute now.  (If anyone knows why the PC would run hotter while half-sped than when lightly overclocked, please let me know so I can figure a little more of this out.)

It appears the art of overclocking is not much different from tuning a sport-compact car; an analogy I’ve known and used for a long time, but to actually experience it now (in the past I left my computers at spec since I prefer they be reliable more than fast) brings the emphasis that every integrated circuit on the motherboard is to be pushed to the limits of stress to find out what can and can’t be done.

Luckily, a PC that won’t POST isn’t nearly the disaster of a car that won’t start when you need that car to get you to work, memory modules carry a lifetime warranty, and replacements of the parts in this computer are cheap.  That having been said, anybody ever mount a heat spreader on a Southside chip, or a CPU cooler on a Northside chip?

Naturally, I built this thing in the hopes that it’d be more efficient for working on the tracker music, but so far I can’t run it as quiet as hoped (though the aforementioned temperature measurements have me thinking about removing a fan I added before, which of course is making the most noise right now…) but if it gets stable, I won’t complain.

In other personal news, I don’t remember writing here that I’ve gotten a set of my student loans out of default status.  Of course, two thirds of the debt remains in default, but I’m on my way.

Thanks for the comment, in another blog…

linuxaddict11111:  I take your statement about sounding like you imagined as a compliment, though at the same time…  Actually, I have absolutely no goal with the music except to create it while it still feels fun to do so.  Hopefully, this thing will take to behaving so I can get back to thinking about that soon.

Hope everyone is doing well.

See you next time.


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