On my way to work on Monday, I smelled burning leaves.  It is not unusual to smell burning leaves where I live, since the fire laws are not strict, it is the most common way to dispose of raked leaves around here, and while I don’t like it (the leaves are usually still alive and often wet, which reek horribly) I’m accustomed to it so it doesn’t bother me.

However, the smell of burning leaves didn’t go away as I drove to work, and the fog was darker than usual.  The fog had absorbed the smoke from the Southeast Georgia forest fires (which have moved a rather safe distance southwest of me) and the wind carried the fog in from the swamp (which is not unusual.)  Our weather forecasts now have smoke and smog adisories.  I guess I thought I’d never experience that sort of thing here.

I’m helping my brother out while his partner is on vacation; specifically, I’m answering the phones while everyone is on call.  At this instance, it’s a quiet day (I’ve taken one call) and there’s only about two hours to go in the day.

I’ve got the new computer behaving correctly, it was just a matter of finding some happy-medium settings for everything and in the process, the CPU is overclocked by a modest but stable 500 MHz.

My father retired from work last weekend; we had a nice little party for him on Saturday and all seems fairly well though I haven’t spoken with him to learn how he’s ‘adjusting’ to not going to work on a weekday.  He’s got his stereotypical garden to take care of and plays stock market for money to use to play golf on the weekends (or more if he does well.)

I’m thinking of getting an account here:  While it’s a nice place where anyone should be able to show a few tunes, though, the front page is driven by review, not unlike Xanga here, which… has ups and downs.  I guess it’s a matter of deciding if I’m interested in making the front page or not, and I’m leaning pretty hard against that sort of thing right now.

I was also looking at for a friend of mine (who asked for my help to record an EP), because it’s simply the best solution for the completely independent musician that wants to be able to sell CDs on a worldwide level, and I found out a few interesting things; for starters, it definitely -is- affordable if you just want to get something out on the market immediately.  Its founder went to the same college I did, and has a very nice ‘advice’ section, a quarter of which consisting of things I’ve read before, for the quite obvious reason.  The advice is an odd mix of self-contradictory suggestions, however, and like any such career advice, it should only be taken with the knowledge that your milage will definitely vary.  My favorite is the “gut rule”, which would’ve helped me quite a bit ten years ago, but in contrast, if I had used it fresh out of high school I may not have gone to college at all, but I digress; paraphrased, it’s that professional music is too risky and expensive to do things that don’t absolutely exite you.

If taken too seriously, for me, it means that all the junk about maintaining a gigantic database of people you meet and trying to make three friends a day (I’d much rather have a few friends I absolutely trust than shallowly say I know hundreds of people that probably would not help me when I really need something), it means that I’m kindof on my own and stuck at the drawing board, confirming that maybe all this business is still not for me.

Things are going rather well though, so I suppose I have plenty of time to make up my mind.

Thanks for the comments and I hope everyone’s doing well.

Check out the music player on the right if you’re visiting the page.

See you next time.


One thought on “SMOG, HERE?

  1. Heh, just listening to the music in your earlier posts. Reminded me of that old tape you gave us ages ago with the electronic beats. And believe me, thats not a bad thing ^^ Heh, what can i say? Weird techno-y music makes me think of you XP TTYL


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