I’ve never seen the whole arc of a rainbow (that is, one that’s shaped like the Gateway Arch) before this evening when I write this, though the reason there was one approaching is quite the bigger deal. I’m sure folks in the midwest don’t want to hear about rain but around here that big storm has largely kept the rain away from us, producing a wildfire that was making national news while it was still thought of as interesting… so the rain a certain sub-tropical storm is about to bring is quite welcome right now.

Thanks for the comments:

lepton: Florida 9pm was created using Schismtracker, which can be downloaded here:

Through it, I’ve learned that the way one tracker interprets pitch-bending instructions will not be the same as any other, so I can’t use other programs to edit that tune… unless I convert it to plain audio first and then I can use audio tools on -that-… well, I think you get the picture.

It was an experiment in seeing what sort of sounds I could get out of the tracker through the use of the pitch bend “effects”, copy-paste delay effect tricks, and panning and what not, and hasn’t been changed much since it was created. I had just finished watching the American Le Mans Series race that was in Sebring, FL, a twelve hour race that wrapped up at 9pm and had a rather exhilerating ending for a Porche and a Ferrari, there’s a YouTube of it if you look back enough posts.

kime: I didn’t know you were watching here, so thanks for having a look!

A little while back I read an uneasy entry from a friend asking for help making the rent, as his van had broken down and suddenly he found himself some $600 or so short… I’m not sure if the people that helped him out are reading the feed, but I want to say thanks just in case.

I’d like to think I’m becoming more financially stable, but the truth is, if I needed to produce $600 on a moment’s notice, I still couldn’t do it, so I suppose I still have some work to do on that.

Here’s hoping everything stays okay.

See you next time.


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