First, you’ll need a player or NES/Famicom emulator that can play the .nsf (nintendo sound file) format.  Get one from here:

Second, visit this page:

Yes, it’s in Japanese.  The contest is hosted in Japan, what were you expecting?  Next, download “the pack,” the big zip file of all the competitor’s entries near the top of the page.  Unpack it someplace handy.

Third, click on one of the links halfway to the bottom of the Famicompo page.  It will take you to a sheet of checkmarks that corresponds to the two directories in the music pack.  Listen to the tunes in the appropriate directory, the numbers correspond to the titles on the checklist.  If you like a tune, give it one (and only one) point by clicking its checkbox, or if you don’t, just leave the checkbox blank.

When you’re through, click the box at the bottom.  This doesn’t send your vote, however.  The red words at the top of the page that will be drawn is asking you to confirm your vote by filling in the boxes at the bottom and clicking on the button on the left.  Do that, and your vote is official.  You can return to the page and give a point to pieces that you did not grant a point, but once you give a piece a point you may not take it away.

Repeat for the other directory.

I have one piece in the Covers category, and two in the Originals.  It is against the spirit of the contest for me to divulge which ones.

Famicompo is a Famicom/NES music programming competition hosted in Japan.

I’ll have more to write about a little later.

danicapatrick247:  Thanks for the look and such…  Considering what’s gone on you should have a bit more to write about…  like Dan Wheldon’s bump.  (I didn’t get to watch that, though.  It probably wasn’t anything personal, Wheldon always tries to crawl in a hole and disappear when he thinks he underperformed.)

See you next time.


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