I should have more to write about than I actually will here, it’s that the last time I tried to post, an electrical storm shut off the power and I lost everything…

In the past few weeks I’ve been a bit antsy, trying to go about my daily business as ordinarily as possible as to not let on that my friend ended up in the hospital with an aneurysm behind his nose.  The surgery has since ended successfully, but I’ll still be at least slightly concerned until he is finally back to normal, and that is going to take a while.

The process of continuing with stuff from the last entry had me learn all about how stock market crashes and bank failures can happen, and how the lack of confidence feeds off each other into a downward spiral of stupidity as the well-to-do that can afford to take a good risk buy up whatever they can at exorbitantly low prices, only to sell it back to the same jackasses that sold at the low price in the first place once the perceived risk has cleared.  Recent events in real life financial markets take a whole new light, because when you’ve seen that red arrow pointing down next to DOW on the news the past couple of Thursdays, it means that not only have people sold out of what appear to be failing real estate schemes, it means somebody somewhere is also buying.

Thanks for the comment.

Clive:  Please forgive that I have not been doing well to keep up with your blog or any other lately.  As I’m writing this, I’ve got more than 60 entries in the RSS aggregator that have not been acknowledged, and I’m likely just going to click most of them out without reading them, as I have over the past couple of weeks, so that I don’t make myself spend hours catching up.  Thank you for the plug, and welcome to anyone that’s checked out my stuff and liked it.

For those interested, I am sometimes found in the IRC channel irc.esper.net #mod_shrine.

Clive’s blog is here: http://musicgeeks.madtv.me.uk

It amazes me how easy and how much websites can converge and refer to each other in a redundant fashion; I often wonder how people can keep up with it all, and I think I’m beginning to learn that they simply can’t.

Before I end this entry in a hurry, I have to make a mention of David Beckham’s injured entry into MLS soccer…  While I love the free attention the game is suddenly starting to get, please remember that until he is contributing and doing amazing things (which will be very, very soon), placing all the focus upon him is demeaning to the other players and teams in the league.  Did you know about SuperLiga, the USA/Mexico pro-teams tournament that I couldn’t follow on account of the past couple weeks’ issues?  Looks like Becks got his team into the final…  http://superliga2007.com

Everything’s turning busy again and the school buses are starting to drive around.  Here’s hoping everyone is doing okay.

See you next time.


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