This is going to be awkward, because I’m really just putting this here for some friends of mine that I know will end up reading it, to make sure nobody’s concerned about how bleak that last entry ended.  I’ve got a lot to be excited about now, but I can’t be specific about it here- it wouldn’t be fair to a majority of the people I would write about.

The only thing I really want to say here is something that’s very sappy for what I’d normally write here, because it has nothing to do with financial or social pressure, and very little to do with myself or my hobbies, and I only expect a few people to really understand what I’m talking about.

Relationships are an artificial creation.  You meet someone, and it starts; you lose touch, it ends.  Very convenient, very simple.

Love is not artificial.  It is a natural force that all people and all creatures can experience, even plants, and though this is arguable, I believe even stones and rocks can experience it.  Love does not start and end, and this is extremely confusing to people, who in fact do start and end.  No amount of distance, and no natural or artificial boundary will change the fact that you do or do not love someone.

In a more personal light, that means I still love all my family, near or distant, regardless of the last time I’ve seen any of them, all of the friends I have now no matter how near or far, the friends I’ve had in the distant past like my best friend from high school and my girlfriend from high school, and earlier still when I remember.

It is possible that you can still love someone after a relationship ends in a bad way; in fact, I think it would be more unnatural if you didn’t, and being friends with an “ex-” after a divorce isn’t just tidy, it’s often a good idea.

Thanks for the comment.

I hope I get to talk the people about whom the above piece is written soon to ensure that the words aren’t construed in a bad or inaccurate way.  In the end, people do as they please and what they think will be best for themselves, so there really are no right or wrong answers, and no good or bad decisions.  Life is not a contest to be won or lost; love is not won or lost, it’s just transferred about…

Best wishes to all who read this and I hope that it wasn’t confusing.

See you next time.


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