Every year I try to pay a visit to the people I used to know, be friends with, or live with in the midwest, though depending on the year, I usually don’t have much more than a weekend to spend.  This time around, I managed to amass two weeks because I did not take a vacation in the summer (which would have happened around the time another friend was in the hospital, so, understandable there) and it was a good thing, as the weather was rather nasty if I’d have had to rush around.  Note the snow and slush outside in the window above, or my very unwinterized car below.

There is an aspect to this climate I miss very much; the notion that it’s okay if you don’t go anywhere or accomplish anything when the weather is that bad, or, more simply, the way the cold outside feels in the first place.  It was nice to be in a place where tapping your cell phone while you sip coffee and chat with friends (though, frankly, I only really knew about three people there, the night that was photographed) is rather old news instead of some strange newfangled thing that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  (When I moved to where I am now, there were no Starbucks cafes, there are now three, and though I meet more and more folks in the digital wireless age every day, it still looks like most people where I live are very averse to that sort of thing.  And my phone still doesn’t work well at my father’s house.)

It was very interesting how my closest friends appear to have completely cycled their old friends away, replacing what were decidedly negative relationships with new, mostly more positive ones.  It is very odd how, perhaps nature and instinct, or maybe just an expected learning process, allows us to feel our way through things and become settled.  This is most apparent in the friend that traded his sportscar and “driver” for an SUV, but it was his observation- I chose a family sedan above a sport subcompact.

Among the lessons of the trip are, compact voice recognition has a ways to go, though bluetooth is some powerful stuff, a trip to the kart racing track has proven that maybe I’m not in the right shape to ever get into motorsport (the g-forces gave me a headache and the lack of power steering hurt my arms…  but they were fun, if I could get myself into shape for it somehow…), it is important to stretch before performing the manual exercise that is flinging a Wii controller around, and though I’ve known this forever, thanks to stuff like this blog nobody is ever really out of touch or completely alone.

Yesterday was the first time the date February 14th has had a real meaning for me since sometime in high school.  Actually, that’s not true.  When I was in high school, I was a terrible boyfriend; embarrassed that I was given some flowers and a balloon, I hid them in my locker.  I suppose if I had to wait fifteen years or so for another try, this one was done much, much better.

Naturally, the restaurant we wanted to visit was way overcrowded, but the second choice served us so quickly that we almost had our table given away!  The food was good, and it was nice to not be in town for a while…

My goals have been very strangely altered over the past few months as I really have no idea what will happen over the next few…  It’s been a while since I’ve really had no idea what’s going to happen, as I feel presently, and in a way, that’s a bit refreshing, though it’s disorienting at the same time.  I’m still adjusting to a kind of new way of scheduling how and when I do things, but I’m adapting slowly and naturally, and gradually… and it’s my hope that on my next big trip I’ll have that somebody along that I can introduce to everyone.

Here’s hoping everyone’s been feeling at least somewhat as well as I’ve been feeling lately.

See you next time.


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  1. Heh, just poking in to say hello. I’m not exactly frequent on YIM and frankly neither are you X3 But hey, I’m glad things are going well for you. Strange how things work out, isnt it? I meen, would’ve thought I spend some nights giving someone 10 years older then I, my aptly name uncle, relationship advice, hmm? Not I, that’s for sure. To be frank, you’re one of my favorite relatives, but rarely do I actually get to see you (time for time, I dont see you far more then I do). So how is it that I’d end up being a surface to bounce ideas off of. XP Life is full of curiousities though, I suppose. Till next time. ^^


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