The drivers, managers, and engineers of Formula 1 are largely from Christian countries, but they’re spending their Easter weekend in an Islamic country.  Despite that, they’re not having the strangest of Easters…  Here’s hoping the midwest can dry out and clean up this Spring.


The history of human civilization is thought to be a kind of evolution of necessity, followed by a discovery of ruthless efficiency.  People learned to stick with their families, and families got larger and learned to get along.  Elders mostly presided over things, and they ruled because they were older, and the people did things simply because they said so.  After all, disobedience led to ostracism, being put out being somewhat worse than simply running away, but ending in the same result that unless you really knew what you were doing and could create your own family, you would die in the dangerous wilderness at the mercy of mother nature.

As families grew to cities and countries, this fear of the wilderness grew to encompass the will of God or the spirits or the gods, fearful elements you cannot see, a fear exercised by your leader to keep you in service; the rewards for good service are protection and peace.

Once these countries became empires, there were some odd citizens; some noble, some rich, some ordinary peasants, that decided maybe the world God made would be nicer if people were kind to each other, and while that root thought persisted, it wasn’t really implemented for a very long time.

In the times that follow the Industrial Revolution, this has now changed.  Most people can live at least somewhat comfortably without the aid of society or government beyond perhaps the immediate family, and civilized and uncivilized people alike are by and large self-ruling and don’t really seek to hurt each other.  Between developed technologies and the sizes of our cities and countries, we rarely fear nature, and have our own security.  Because of this, the sensation is no longer the sale of peace, but the constant explanation that there are supposedly lots of things still worth fearing.

The alternative is to sell an artificially positive and vague message of hope and change.  Not a knock against anyone in particular, because if you’re thinking of a certain recent candidate, he’s not the first to use that strategy and he won’t be the last, because when the right people get sick of hearing about fear, that strategy works extremely well.

I’m still not great at balancing the changes I throw at myself or that life throws at me, but I suppose if I found time to write this I’m doing okay.  There’s a new but strange music segment in the player on the right if anyone wants to have a listen, as I’m learning a new music program.  I certain person is trying to get me to permanently return to pop music but that’s for another day.  I’ll cut this one short because there’s someplace I need to be.

I hope everyone is well.

See you next time.


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