Besides splitting time between my friend, my family, and my girlfriend, and of course, work, a majority of this year was spent coaxing bleeps from a laptop, so I’ve decided to retool my blog to suit this.

The player that should appear below plays a tune created for SounDevotion Competition round number 32, which was the month of October, and its special rule was to create a tune without using sampled or synthesized sounds; you may only create sounds with a waveform drawing tool and built-in effects.  The result sounds like an old video game, because those are the easiest waveforms to draw.  It placed second.

I want to clean up the music from much of the year, and farther back, and hopefully I will write about the results right here. I’m considering some YouTube activity featuring said tunes as well.

Yes, I’m still doing Stereolover, and a lot of progress was made with that. There are now three songs on iTunes, click the big banner on top for more details.

Naturally, this Christmas isn’t as busy at my work as it should be, but I’m at least 75% confident that I’ll be okay come this winter, and 98% confident that I’ll still be working.  The company I work for is large, stable, and planned for recession.

I hope everyone reading this can say as much too, I know it’s not pretty out there right now.

See you next time.



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