Download It’s a New Day

Someday always disappears into blue
The wave never breaks the way you want it to
It’s a new day

The rain means the same thing that it always does
The pain subsides although it still exists because
It’s a new day

I should probably mention that although I am playing on coincidences of the times in this tune, my politics are (lowercase ‘l’) libertarian, that is, that I place the freedom of the individual above all else in politics. The inaugeration of Barrack Obama was not a perfect day as far as that goes (as I could care less about the greater social changes Obama preaches) but it is a huge day for individual freedom and racial equality.

I do believe that better times lie ahead; these are the kinds of days that little kids will ask us about when we’re all in our 70’s or older. The speeches sampled demonstrate that our world and my country have been through far worse than the current times.

Somewhere between the extremes of spending and hoarding, good times and bad, is the very average reality of things.  A year and a half ago, it was said their weren’t enough physical commodities to suit the whole world and they were very expensive.  Now, there is no way in hell anybody is going to use any of them, so they are very cheap.  The reality, of course, is in between.  To hear from right leaning folks around where I live, you would think that Soviet-style wealth confiscation and redistribution is eminent, but although there will be more than a few left-of-center ideas introduced in our country in the coming years, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done in more draconian fashion in countries as near as Western Europe, and as you can see, it may not be perfect in the E.U. either, but it’s far from total ruin.

There are so many things to feel defeated about nowadays that all victories should be celebrated to the best of our abilities.  I think it’s safe to say that although nothing is perfect, the US has achieved as much racial equality as it can.  A black man is champion of Formula 1 racing, and a black man is the President of the United States.  The barrier is not a barrier of color, it is a barrier of poverty and education.

That’s not to say that all racism has stopped or will stop, because stereotyping (from which racism and sexism and such come) will always exist.  Stereotypes are how people organize things, and sometimes people’s ways of organizing things has unfortunate consequences.

I’ve been seeing articles pop up about out of work people taking up hobbies either to try to support themselves while they wait for work to appear or otherwise to simply stay in shape and otherwise pass the time.  It is very important to do this.  Recessions are when cool things tend to happen, and they happen because somebody in a garage with way to much time on his hands made something cool, and turned it into the next big thing.  Just remember, whatever you do, you must stay within your means.

Good luck to anyone reading this, I hope things are going well, because regardless of the growing pains, things will get better soon enough.  I know that things aren’t so perfect right now.

See you next time.


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