I participated in this year’s RPM Challenge this year. RPM stands for Record Production Month (which, according to them, is February) and the challenge is akin to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which is November) for those familiar with it. The RPM Challenge itself is a dare to conceive, record, produce, and otherwise completely create a CD album using only the month of February.

I did not think my chances are good and to be honest, I don’t completely like the result, but it came out much better than I believed, and the flow from track to track is much more coherent than I thought would be while making the stuff. It is a bit overloaded with pure chiptune sounds, mostly because about half my output for the month was chiptune entries for Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip IV contest, but I managed to mix and eq the tunes in such a way that they don’t sound shrill and overpowering, and came up with a very thin and relaxed-sounding result.

I figured that if the RPM Challenge requires the creation of an actual CD, I also may as well go full-on and create a netlabel with which to release it, so it can be found here:

I’m not 100% sure I want to keep it at… I wanted a place that gave a different kind of vibe and flexibility than Xanga’s almost strictly “social” vibe, but I didn’t realize that is not and that I’m not even able to install the official flash player there. I guess it just depends on how well other things go, to see if I care enough to want to move it.

Realese Zero (the first release being a release I didn’t really want to make at first, therefore I start counting from zero) starts off with a ragtime chip romp made from layered NES samples, becomes a chilled version of a rough draft that was meant to be a chiptune as well, but I rearranged it on VSTs because although I didn’t like the way the original draft sounded, I did like its melody, and it leads straight into the C64 SID VSTs of Upgrade. Stading out is the ninth track, which is the only one with a vocal, and will be my SounDevotion entry for the month of February.

My learning process while creating it, however, is that while it’s certainly possible for me to create a mediocre-to-good “album,” the truth is, I really need more than a month to create something I’d feel proud of when it’s finished, and with all the other life-can’t-help-it things going on around me throughout the month, it is not something I want to force myself again through anytime soon.

I hope everyone else is doing okay; the world is still way too full of bad news.

See you next time.


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