I wanted to post the song I recorded with Stereolover last weekend, because although recording it was a bit of an awkward process as a result of the different things going on in our lives at the same time as we were trying to record, the result touched me in a strange way…

But since all the Stereolover releases go to iTunes and take a month and a half to get processed, I’ll show one that sounds a little bit like what we did but is already available for sale.

Hope everyone is doing well.

PS: the phrase “in this economy” or “in these economic times” has replaced “in this post 9/11 world” as the annoying phrase most likely to be used by a polititian to get his or her way.  As the “post 9/11” statement usually had nothing to with terrorism, the “in this economy” statement rarely has anything to do with money.

See you next time.


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