Twitter, and other stuff

I started using a twitter account (“follow chunter16”) a few days ago and I think that I 75% get the concept now.  I originally made the account because I had an account on Odeo and was teased towards it by an email (they were founded by the same folks, and it’s funny, in turn a lot of those folks had worked here on Xanga it seems..)  Xanga since cloned both Odeo and Twitter through the Audio and Pulse sections (which I have set up but have rarely used.)

I’m usually not one to go for things that suddenly have a lot of buzz; if I was, I would already have a MySpace or Facebook account (I have neither, and no plans of joining either of them.)  I’m not completely sure what makes Twitter different, aside from me having a dormant account from years ago…  maybe it was Trent Reznor’s “Thank God I’m not like John Mayer” comment or something like that…  I agree with whoever wrote that sometimes it’s fun to follow a bunch of celebrities and send their tweets to your cell phone and pretend you’re important, but that’s not really the point.  I think I’m just noticing that I don’t have enough to blog about in log form, but a sentence or two when I spot something a little out of the ordinary or do something somebody might want to know about without writing six paragraphs that nobody wants to read; those are big reasons to use it.

Somewhere I read that Twitter became the number three “social” site of the internet, in all its terse, abstract, fail whaling glory.  Who knew?

I made a Twitter account for Sterelover as a way to shout about releases at the very least, and if it gets a few extra listens, I’m sure my friend will appreciate it.  I’m planning to make one for CEDtM (the netlabel wordpress page) as well.  (Sometime next week I’ll do it, I think.)

Other news I can think of right away?  I experimented with selling royalty-free background jingle music for use in flash and business presentations, and I’ve made six dollars for two one-minute songs.  I may try a little harder and/or make more a bit more often to see if it can turn into a more reasonable source of fun money, though I’m pretty sure I’ll still be working in the call center for quite some time.  By comparison, Release Zero has not converted to money in any way, and Stereolover draws enough money to pay for the next release’s submission, but doesn’t even scratch the cost of recording.

I have an uncle that apparently has a cancer that has spread uncontrollably, and I hope that I can get to see him soon.  Aside from that, everything is well enough with my family and friends and ordinary enough that there isn’t much to write about it here.

Naturally, I hope everyone is doing well.  I’ll have a SounDevotion piece to show soon.

See you next time.


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