Much of what I post here lately, the music I create and the things that I think about, are a celebration of how it is much less expensive to create and record music nowadays.  What are the effects of music becoming so cheap and easy to create and obtain?  Powerful software and inexpensive computers and synthesizers make it easier than ever to create passable to brilliant music, and now, thanks to the internet, we have oceans of free and cheap music that anyone can find and listen to at will.

Guitars and simple music forms like The Blues and rock music made entry into creating music easier than ever, but now, cheap synthesizers, consumer keyboards, and software programs make it so simple to create a musical sound, and the internet makes it incredibly easy to distribute the result, that critics find the unrefined sounds tiresome.

I find that comments about my music tend to come only from other musicians.  It can be said that I can only blame myself for this fact; my music is available in places that are generally by, for, and frequented by other musicians, but as I become one of the people that has “been around a while” instead of being new to all these competition, sharing, and distribution sites, I meet a lot more people that are more novice in skill than I am at both the internet distributing and music theory (or literally, playing an instrument or composing music, mix technique and use of the software tools,) and I wonder if someday, the only people that like music made for music’s own sake (eg. not as background sound for advertising, movies, video games) are other musicians.

This is not a new thought for me, I even think I may have written something about it before, but lately it takes a newer context, a change that is neither positive nor negative (for now.)

As music becomes easier and easier to create, does that mean there will be more novice musicians that in turn become larger audiences for music that isn’t your typical pop?  Maybe pop music will change as more and more people are able to create it; it’s difficult to say, but maybe it’s best to use the 20’s or 50’s as a slight model, with a different kind of moneymaking machine spawning in the results.

In the meantime, music still has a powerful psychological effect in film/theatre and advertising, so music as a background and such will remain important for some time.



  1.     Hey man, Its just merely human progression towards the new age. Info quicker and Materials cheaper. We have stretched as far an thin as humanly possible. Like that saying “If a human can they will, no matter good or bad”   So Music tech evolves too.  with cheap instruments that everyone will own and be embedded in everyday life (like a cell phone). I predict that kids will see the musical patterns in a early age. Record the patterns and know it by heart. Inner twine with other children and forever improv.  instead of racing cars on the ridges of sofas and tying string to action figures and smash them with another one. They will bounce light that emanates sounds with other textures in a vast non linear environment.   Thats a crazy thought. I just pulled out my head. haha


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