As stated in the other blog, the performance went very well. I have not yet thanked Brett Moots, Yatagarasu, and Bubblegum Octopus (the other performers of the night) so I will do that here.  Thanks for being part of a great night, and thanks again to Ian, Britt and all Gamesboro for setting it up.

Some thoughts about performing tracker music live:

  • Either my audience found my improvising boring (which means my skills in it are lacking and I need more practice) or I should wait until later in a performance to resort to it.  I had the impression that they were bored of DS-10 quite quickly; no one to blame for that but me.
  • As above, the pre-programmed and karaoke-sung bits went over better than the spur-of-the-moment in most cases.
  • Despite that, there was still a sense of spontaneity, mainly in finding things to play while other programs took a long time to load. I’m proud of myself for this. I won’t name names so the Renoise team can relax.
  • The only awkward pause of sorts was when I found I needed to tune the guitar. 12-string guitars are such a pain to keep in tune.
  • To better maintain that sense, I should make a point to not require too much concentration early in the performance, as above.
  • Then again, I may be over-analyzing and it may be best to be deep in concentration early on and not react strongly to the audience impression until sometime later.

Somewhat repeating what I’ve said elsewhere, I’m thankful for a very attentive and open minded audience and I hope this will become a regular event.

See you next time.


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