I spent much of last week helping my friend move out of his apartment because his lease ran out. It was difficult to mix with how busy my job’s schedule becomes around now, but it wasn’t so bad; and I got to drive a gigantic moving truck (as it was the only one they had left) and I suppose I ought to consider a commercial driver’s license in the future.

In the three days of moving, “Fireflies” by Owl City came on the radio five times in the short drive from the apartment and the storage or new place. Owl City is a single person using a psuedonym that gives the impression of a band (nothing new in electrnic music) and makes these lush synth-pop tunes with an over-tuned soft vocal that reminds most of Ben Gibbard’s leads in The Postal Service. The song “Fireflies” itself sounds like a fantasy but really isn’t- it’s a description of the hallucinations he has when his insomnia is so bad that he can’t fall asleep for several days, and describes how the typical remedies when one can’t sleep won’t work. It is an extremely well-crafted song with a lot of lyrics. Apparently, Owl City learned to program and compose during sleepless nights, something I relate to very much as I did much the same when I was in high school, and yet, when I hear about how great Owl City is doing, something inside me feels like it’s burning. I should be thankful and happy that someone is finally putting this sort of music on the proverbial pop music map instead, and hope his success makes room for more similar music.

Instead, I wonder why him, why now, where was the attention some 8 to 10 years ago? Why does that even matter since I don’t even want that sort of success for myself anymore?

So returning to the point, Owl City is good stuff, and I endorse it because it often sounds like a sort of music I try to create… But then again, I don’t write lots of lyrics anymore, maybe the only thing common is the way the music is created.

Work, of course, remains busy, and I won’t see most of the money I’m making until after Christmas. Nothing new there. I hope everyone is well.

See you next time.


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