The posts I make in social engines like Twitter and Facebook can come from a number of places. Some are automatic announcements of blog entries (like this one) and some are manual points and discussions, so since someone asked, I though it might be best to explain the sources for anyone else that may wonder.

Hootsuite – – This is my do-everything and run-in-a-web-browser package that I recommend to anyone that manages several Twitter accounts. There are many alternatives that do similar things, but few do them all, and none of them do it with AJAX straight from your browser of choice. (Most alternatives use Adobe Air, which slows my PC.) If a post comes from Hootsuite, I am either sitting at a real PC responding to someone manually, or it is an automatic link to a posting of some kind.

Gravity – for Nokia Symbian S60 phones – Gravity is a Twitter client that runs in my wireless phone. If a post comes from Gravity, I may not be at a computer, though that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not home. The implication is that although I will see a message or email sent to me, my ability to access the web is limited. Gravity can post to and and some others. Though it cannot post to Facebook, can, so I usually use for that purpose. – – This is a service that tries to do what hootsuite does, except it writes and cannot read timelines and feeds. I use it to post to engines that hootsuite cannot automatically touch (like Xanga) or to post to Facebook from Gravity. – – this is a cutom radio streaming service like Pandora, except that it can pay attention to what you play in your regular music players as well through a series of plugins. I use a program called Mobbler so that I can also send song data as listened from my phone. A posting means I listened to a tune, but does not mean I liked it. Also, not everything I listen to will post to the social engines to keep them frm gettin too noisy. Visit the actual account if you wonder what I’ve listened to or liked in full.

Youtube – – The famous video site automatically posts when I add a video to Favorites, so in contrast to, if a youtube entry posts, it means I actually liked the video. My persnal videos get entries through hootsuite as well, much like the blog entries.

I hope everyone is doing well. Times still seem so crazy.

See you next time.


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