Fear As a Compass

Fear is an instinct witnessed not just as a psuedo-emotion in people, but also apparent in many animals, as a tool of awareness and self-preservation. It is one of the most basic things that a person can feel. Fear is a way to keep yourself out of trouble.

It is also a way to measure the size of a risk you are about to take, and to help you measure the value of an object or goal. If you are afraid to buy something, perhaps you can’t afford it. If you are afraid to jump off a dock at low tide, maybe it’s because you might get hurt.

Sometimes, fear is a thrill. How much before the fear stops being a thrill and becomes absolute terror is different between every person.

Therefore, fear is like the North Star. You don’t want to steer directly toward it or you’ll simply go to the North Pole and freeze. You don’t want to steer away from it or your life will simply become dull and boring. Instead, it is a beacon point used in conjunction with other points to keep you on course to your destination.

When has your fear helped you stay pointed toward your goals?


Work has mandated that my schedule change so that I now work four long midday-to-night shifts as my week. I’m still adjusting to both the long days and the morning-to-night change, but it’s nothing that I haven’t gone through before.

It is frustrating for me because I always knew it could happen to me and I fought hard to avoid it. If I find good ways to spend the proverbial extra day off, I’ll consider it a good change.

See you next time.