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There are a lot of fast assumptions and stereotypes that people that make music with old computers and video game hardware have to live with. Even before I knew a word for that sort of music, at a time when I aspired to make pop music, I was told that my work was quirky or sounded like a video game. Then, it felt like an insult and I didn’t know what to do about it besides blame the instruments. Nowadays, it is a compliment.

It is difficult to find informed articles on chipmusic that are not written by people with direct involvement in it. Since I have seen the problem repeated in other arts and musics, I have decided it is just the way of things.

Chipmusic is a form of entertainment, to be covered by an entertainment journalist, and unless they have real prior knowledge of what they cover, they won’t take the time to do research on the art they are asked to cover: it’s just entertainment, it’s not politics. They’re asked to write something to show people what is happening in their neighborhood in case it is some reader’s idea of a good time out, they have no other purpose. This can lead to audience members that do not understand what a particular event is about.

While this may seem problematic, I think the best solution is to simply continue to create the best music and art possible. The more people are fascinated by interesting works, the more educated they will become, regardless of what any newspaper or magazine prints.

Feel free to leave your favorite chipmusic news sources and links to introductory articles that don’t suck in the comments.

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