The heroes of Phantasy Star
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A lot of people (video game fans, really) are surprised when I explain that I don’t finish a lot of RPGs:

The truth is, I don’t really find a lot of time to finish games that require a lot of man-hours of play; I’d rather spend the time doing something else, like chatting up or making music in instances where I have more than a couple of hours of free time.

I do get to see a lot of RPGs through watching friends (and family) play them, and I have even played many myself, just not to the ending.

And though I’ve not beaten most RPGs I’ve tried, there are a few that I played to the final boss and given up on:

Forgotten in that list are Super Mario RPG and Mario and Luigi Superstars (the first one.)

I like the atmosphere of RPGs and love their goal; the point is to be a cartoon that you steer with your controller! If an RPG feels like that, it’s a good game.  If only I had more time to play…

See you next time.


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