This oddness was in my comment queue and was added by a URL bot.  I don’t endorse the message, I’m just posting it so others can admire its detail, and will not cite the source because that would give the guy that programmed the bot what he wants.

“……………….The practice of political correctness in this country use to be something of almost a joke back in the 90s during the Clinton Administration. However that is not the case anymore. Political Correctness has evolved into something of a plague that is infecting every aspect of American politics culture society business and even in national security..Political correctness has become a one of the most revered practices by our politicians within the last few years. It has transformed most politicians not all into spineless wimpy individuals who have no principles no character and do NOT stand for anything longer than a week. Now the liberal doctrine of political correctness has negatively impacted two major issues facing our country today Illegal Immigration and Islamic Jihad..The liberals who are running our country now are so bent on being politically correct not to offend anyone that they are willing to What are we afraid of? Some harsh words from a hypocritical Marxist Mexican President that runs a government full of socialistic thieves? The cost of this behavior is enormous. the handouts given to and and heritage. These people coming across our borders illegally are CRIMINALS thieves rapists and should be treated as such under AMERICAN law! They are not people who are in a rock and a hard place. They chose to cross illegally and should face the consequences of that action..More recently our leaders and even are backwards to not offend anyone in the Muslim community. Why? I have no idea because those same people have no problem with offending Christians and Jews. We have a President who does not like to War on Terror for the reason that it might offend Muslims. Islamic Jihad was declared on the United States on 9-11-2001. Since that time Radical Islam has been on a mission to carry out attacks on America and Israel with only one purpose To destroy and kill. To be afraid of using certain words in a time of war is a cowardly act and the wrong message to send to our enemies..Political correctness has even brought this country to a point where CAIR The Council on American-Islamic Relations from speaking out against Muslims. My response to that is too bad CAIR. That is the reality of living in a country based on individual liberty. I can speak out against democrats republicans religion science schools and anything else I feel like speaking out against. That is what unabridged freedom of speech is all about. If CAIR cannot accept criticism then please leave our country and do not come back..It is time that our leaders stop being afraid of offending someone and defend our Constitution our liberties our freedom and all the LEGAL tax-paying American citizens. Political correctness in America is not neutral but is a practice that censures and limits free speech and the press………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………….The Democrats have launched a fast-path process to have Elena Kagan approved before the fall session. For the last few days I have asked why are they in a hurry to approve Kagan. The answer is not 100 clear to me but I am not going to debate that question here. Kagan falls woefully short of being remotely qualified to sit on the High Court..First Kagan has NO experience as a judge at all. We are talking zero nada zilch for a nominee to the Supreme Court who has NEVER been a judge. Senator Patrick Leahy D VT in this states that history plus Kagan s lack of experience as a judge something Republicans have criticized should make getting ready for these hearings less labor-intensive. In most industries and business across America some experience in certain areas are required to obtain a job. That is expected in the private sector but I guess it is not in the public sector. Our Senators and President are throwing common sense out the window! Even though it has been done before William Rehnquist placing someone on the bench of the Supreme Court having never been a judge is lunacy in my book..Second it is clear to me that Elena Kagan is a judicial activist by her actions restricting . Also her writings in regard to the First Amendment cause me to have the most concern. In her publication she argues the case that the first factor to consider in a case involving the First Amendment is the government s motives. What about the individual? Why should the government be the first concern? Within the paper she states that An action acquires meaning in part through motive and the meaning of an action in part defines it.”

It’s okay if you didn’t read most of that because neither did I.  See you next time.


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