In a forum reply asking about people’s musical influences (in the forum answer, outside of the typical “chiptune” and “videogame” answers) I gave a reply that can be viewed by clicking here, a long list of YouTube embeds and pictures that I had to edit quite a bit.  Through that thread I learned that I am not alone in having a list of influences that are very hard to find relationships between, but I think that this is a good thing.  I tried my best to recreate that list in a single YouTube playlist, adding the VGM/chip influences back in and importing a few oversights.

Click here to go to YouTube and watch the whole playlist.

I also had some pictures to represent the Douglas Adams novels, the comic strip Pogo, and childhood stories like The Little Prince.  I could have easily added the works of Orwell.  It is not worthwhile to list everything.

I used to have such a hard time listing “favorites” and influences, taking a personal and private viewpoint, but having compiled that list, I have a better understanding of what links them besides a vibe that strikes me the right way; there is a certain combination of expression, cynicism, and complexity that works for me.

What influences do you have that you know are completely outside your line of work?


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