This robot comment came from an artificial fan of Shel Silverstein:

I bought this book along with “The Missing Piece” almost 10 years ago, when I was in college. My friend introduced me to those books, and I had to get my own copies. In fact, a good number of people among my circle of friends got their own copies as well.I think those two books are the only “children’s books” I have in my possession, but they are among the most touching and most memorable of all the books I own and read. And even though they’re labeled as children’s books (and they sure look that way too), I feel they’re a better fit (haha, no pun intended) for grown-ups.If you plan on getting this book (as you well should), then definitely get “The Missing Piece” as well. I don’t think the story and the message of The Missing Piece fable is complete with just one book. You gotta get both books to fully appreciate it.Highest utmost recommendations. God, I love this book.

I’m sure it was based on a search of the title of this song.

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