Favorited: Nt – Just Another Song (xmas edition) by enty


First time I had released this in 2008 and it would loop at “the only thing that’s left about a song is..” so the actual length was less than a minute.
To my surprise the guys at SDCompo asked me to make a complete version of it. Last year I couldn’t get it done and this year I released it as a Christmas gift with guitar, backing vocals and even a Kazoo 🙂

As a “protest” agains all the tools (drumloops, harmony creators, autotuned vocals) that I’m mentioning in the lyrics, I created their sounds using only my voice.

Recording the backing vocals took some time because they mostly have four voices and I had to record each voice one by one.

The lyrics say:

Just another song
There’s nothing left to do
Or to say
What’s the point anyway
’bout making music today

Just a little thought
Just a tiny little nag
About truth
Well because I am used
To things I already do

We’ve got
Drumloops for rhythms
We’ve got harmony creators
We’ve got
Autotuned vocals
And the only thing that’s left about a song is
Just another song.

And then there’s a little girl
Beauty girl, cutey-girl
Doing everything she can on the TV screen
What she’s been through, nothing new
Only heaven knows how wrong it could have been

And it’s just some video
For just another song

The lyrics sound very conservative, they’re only there to do the show.


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