Liked: Primo by matteo

Primo is a toy for children, it is composed by a board, a car and a set of instruction-blocks all made out of wood. By placing the instructions on the board and pressing the red button, the car starts to execute the commands. The purpose of this toy is to teach the high-level abstraction of programming as a sequence of instructions at very young children (five and six years old were able to use it). They are in fact controlling a “machine” by giving it a set of instructions in order to solve levels. The purpose of the game is indeed to get the car home avoiding physical obstacles on the floor.

The project was realized by Matteo Loglio during the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design for the course Designing Advanced Artifacts & Networks, held by Massimo Banzi, Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi

For the car prototype we used a board called oh_oh, designed by David Cuartielles for the kids in Faro de Oriente (

After a first prototype, there was the need to make another model for an exhibition, but we didn’t have the Oh_Oh board. The solution came from the fantastic people from FabLab Torino(, where Franco Magni and Federico Vanzati modified the original design, so that the printed circuit board could be produced by hand. Then they made a brand-new PCB model for the exhibition.

The music track is:
“Robot Anthem Part II” by Learning Music (

more info:


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