When it costs the whole season

I finally got around to getting some better looks at that play

which, once explained is both difficult to argue against, and may not have been such a decider had an earlier call been made (make-up call, anyone?) but since it was a losers-are-out game, it led to fast reactions. It didn’t help that I hadn’t watched live, the wife and I were watching the baseball World Series game 7, which is much easier to summarize.

So when a former defensive player says

it caught me off guard. If he was still playing, I don’t think he’d want to have a penalty called on him just because he accidentally had his arm out a little too far while he was running, especially since spectators tend to treat that as being the same as an Own Goal.

I understand wanting rules that are easy to understand and enforce, even if they put you at an incredible disadvantage, but I don’t think “hand-to-ball” v “ball-to-hand” is really that difficult to figure out, even at game speed. Given enough time, cooler minds make sense of things.


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